What does a professional earn when producing content for the company?

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Content production is a fuel that moves a strategy of Inbound Marketing .

This is nothing new, we’ve talked a lot of it here in the blog Digital results.

The professionals Digital Marketing already know it. And who is now entering the area must immediately be aware of the potential good content has to bring results to the company.

But there is another detail that few people speak.

It is about the benefits of content production not for the company but for the professional himself.

As the RD blog editor, daily assistance other marketers to create content. A lot of it has already said in the post How the RD blog posts reached 300 years .

The idea of ​​this article is to go deeper. So, I’ll tell you, marketer, you can earn to produce content for both your LinkedIn, Medium, personal project or the blog of your company.

In short, it highlights three inestimable benefits that the content production brings to the professional life:

  • learning
  • Recognition
  • Productivity

We will deepen on each below.

1. Learning

Many people believe that writing is done to teach / inform others.

This is a mistake. Writing is not about teaching, it’s about learning.

Writing has an amazing ability to make you learn and think a lot about a particular topic.

“Writing organizes and clarifies our thoughts. Writing is how we reflect about a subject and how we incorporate ourselves. Writing allows us to discover what we know – and we do not know – about anything we are trying to learn “- William Zinsser,. Writing to Learn: How to Write-And-Think Clearly about Any Subject at All

That is, writing is a two-way street. By producing content you are, yes, informing or teaching readers about any subject, but at the same time you are developing your knowledge on this subject.

The greatest learning I had as a marketer are recorded in articles I wrote on the blog.

2. Recognition

One of the great advantages of content marketing is that through such content, the company can build an important asset and become the authority in your market.

When we brought this to the professional, the idea remains the same.

Associate his name to an idea, a good practice, a reflection or any other type of content is a small step to turn it also in authority on the subject.

Who would not want to be recognized? Who would not receive praise for their work? Who would not want to receive comments or messages telling that your article is helping that person in any way?

Recognition is another invaluable. Do not purchase if achievement.

Once you are reference on the subject, you gain more credibility within your market.

This recognition can happen in various spheres.

You can get in the area, with the professional making reference among co-workers.

Can expand to the company, with professional become a reference among all co-workers.

You can expand further and – why not? – atingir níveis in that the your trabalho can impactar pessoas of all the país.

In short, a little authority on the subject can make it easier for you to gain support to carry out other works and projects, and enhance your relationship and respect their colleagues and customers have for you.

3. Productivity

Everyone has repetitive tasks, right?

For example, explain the same thing to several people.

Especially for those working in direct care to clients, publish one article can give a good climb in their work.

This is possible because with an item you can impact all these customers and gain productivity by not having to explain the same concepts to several people. So you’re free to more specific questions, to answer questions and to act in a more personalized way.

For managers and team leaders, write a blog post is how to write a playbook. You can save a lot of time in the future to avoid too many repetitive actions.

For marketing analysts and individual contributors, writing can be a way to take lots of head ideas and start putting them into practice on a daily basis.

Conclusion: How to start writing quality

So far we talk about three advantages of producing content.

But I am aware that writing may not be as natural for everyone.

However, in my experience as an editor, I realized I often write is not just talent, is training well.

I had contact with many professionals already wrote very well and very easily.

And I also had contact with professionals who felt caught without inspiration, without knowing where to begin the text.

However, these professionals said they had difficulty writing often surprised me with their experiences and their writing.

So if you can not write, do not be shy and start to sketch an article. It is the practice that will cause you to develop. If you still feel a lot of trouble, get help from a professional content. And if you’ve mastered the art of writing and have no difficulty, I suggest you also always ask for a second opinion. Every writer needs (and benefits a lot) of an editor. Thus in literature, journalism and also in marketing.

To learn more, I recommend reading two posts I wrote here on the blog Digital results.

  • For beginners: How to lose the fear of writing and start producing content
  • For those who want to make a habit of writing: 14 powerful habits for bloggers and writers produce better

I hope that these benefits will help you feel motivated to practice the art of writing.

And that this new (or old) practice help you become a more intelligent, productive and recognized marketer.