What Are Your Most Important SEO Techniques?

How do I find easy to rank keywords?
What Are Some White Hat SEO Techniques For Building Links?


You have created your website with website creation software , a CMS or through an agency?
We must now make it known!

Create traffic based on different techniques SEO  (SEO) each applied with varying degrees of rigor:

  • definition of lexical field and keywords,
  • quality of meta descriptions,
  • respect for the structure of the pages (H1 – H2- …) and internal mesh of the site,
  • backlinks (incoming link).

In a context where the use of the mobile Internet (tablet and smartphone) has today become the first traffic generator and, where search engines (Google in the first place) refine their algorithms, companies are driven to develop new approaches to boost their SEO .

Here are 5 tracks to follow to complete your SEO work.


The reality of the mobile Internet remains the predominance of 3G or 4G networks that make the loading of web pages relatively slow. This slowness is expensive for search engines. Websites whose pages load slowly are now heavily penalized for their SEO (is considered slow a page that loads in more than 2 seconds).

The user experience is also clearly degraded with significant consequences on the behavior of Internet users. For example, on a merchant site, too long a load reduces the conversion rate of sales / visits by almost 50%.

In addition to validating the respect of the SEO criteria when publishing a web page, the analysis of the speed of loading is essential as an indispensable step for the optimization of a website. The tools to measure it exist for this:

  • Google test my website . The latest free software offered by Google, designed to test the loading time of a website with a 3 or 4G connection. Remarkable, besides the balance sheet, Google offers an estimate of the impact that it can have on the loss of traffic and gives you an audit with optimization tracks.
  • Pingdom . A software that can test the loading time of your web pages from a given city. Pingdom compares your data with other websites and gives you recommendations for optimizing your SEO.


The multiplication of royalty-free image banks, such as Unsplash , allows the upload of images of very good quality. The flip side is that these images are heavy so long to load which, more and more, has an impact on the SEO of a website.

Image compression software (JPEG or PNG) can now reduce the weight of your photos without altering their quality. The result is bluffing and allows 60 to 80% reduction. For content-rich websites or blogs, compression becomes a huge advantage in SEO.

3.Practice marketing automation

The surfer, that we are all, is bulimic information. Use your website to capture the e-mail of your visitors, by arousing curiosity, by offering exclusive content or preview. Once this database of contacts is built, set up a marketing automation strategy.

Inspired by techniques related to marketing permission or more recently to inbound marketing , automation consists of organizing a sequence of communications (usually emails) personalized according to the interactions of your contact. A first shipment that generates, depending on the reaction of the customer (open email – clicked link – …), a new shipment that itself takes into account the behavior of the client ….

This surgical targeting approach is becoming more and more accessible thanks to tools such as Hubspot ,   Mailchimp and Sarbacane, a French emailing software.

The SEO impact is real, the challenge is of course, to bring contacts back to your website, email acting as a teaser.


The guest blogging is to offer an influential website to write an article in exchange for an incoming link (backLink) to your website.

The guest blogging is an exchange of good procedures:

  • the partner website takes advantage of a free article, generally of quality,
  • you enjoy an incoming link from an authoritative site which gives ripple effect of authority to your own website.

To be effective this approach requires a good methodology:

  • identify all the blogs or websites of reference in your field of activity,
  • validate their notoriety to ensure the relevance of a backlink (the Moz software is on this point the reference since the disappearance of Page Rank). A site with low awareness will generate profit for the SEO of your website. In the same way a site whose index of influence is very high will not accept to set up a guest blogging action, having no interest in the process,
  • pay attention to the typology of internal links to the article (no follow – do follow).

This technique is based on a good balance. A quality website mesh with websites of equivalent quality. It’s very virtuous!

It is possible to go even further by offering experts in your field of activity to participate in writing an article on a given theme. When they participate, they bring you credit and, most often, the published article, they relay it to their community.


This subject remains perfectly relevant in 2017. An effective content production approach is based on the following principle:

  • 30% of the time is used to create content (texts, images, videos, information, …)
  • 70% of the time must be invested to make it known.

The reality is very different and too many companies are content to publish their content without working to make it known.

Be active on social networks, publish regularly, express your opinion, do not hesitate to relay third-party articles it will give more credit to your publications. Expand your perimeter. It’s not just Facebook. Slideshare, Youtube, Medium, Linkedin, …. which are nevertheless social media that bring a real gain in visibility and allow the sharing of information on customer targets in general very qualitative.

You know that an SEO strategy can not be improvised . Whether you use a website creation software like Jimdo , Orson (the website creation software 100% French ) or Wix or, you go through a web agency that makes your site on a CMS, your SEO is based more and more about the effectiveness of your website .