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Let me guess …. You put all your guts to write articles of irreproachable quality? Do you publish articles every week, or even every day? And yet, despite all your efforts, did you take a subscription on page 9 of Google?

Do not panic ! I have what you need ! I told you about a rain of backlinks and it will happen. By cons do not expect miracles:

  • The time of easy and effective backlinks is over. You want some ? he’ll have to work!
  • Do you still think that by writing bland articles of 300 words you will be able to reap backlinks at your fingertips? Sorry, there I have no solution to offer you

You will understand, get links, it will not happen alone and will ask you days of hard work for each of your articles.

The good news ? Everyone can do it ! Even if you do not have great SEO skills.

And when after months and months of effort you finally get to get the good graces of God Google, all your frustration accumulated over the months can make room for a big smile well deserved! 

Er, by the way, what’s a good backlink?

Let’s go on a good foundation. A backlink is a link on a site other than yours that points to yours. The more you have, the better!

Only here, all links are not equal ! Some may even be dangerous for you …. Again our friend Google does not simplify our life with its algorithm Penguin whose goal is precisely to penalize sites that use abusive techniques to improve their positions. .

Now that you are being warned, let’s look at the elements that make a link a good link :

  • A link to more weight if it is present in the content of the article. Forget the links in the footer or the sidebar …
  • The label of the link must be related to the content of the landing page
  • The content of the page where the link is placed should have a relationship with the landing page or at least be in a similar theme (for example, avoid linking to a site of a plumbing company in an article that talks about the last recipe of your grandmother …)
  • The higher the authority of the site where the link is placed, the more effective the link will be. Always favor quality over quantity
  • It’s better to have 10 links from 10 different sites than 10 links from a single site

All these points are theoretical and in reality, they are nuanced …

“The key word in creating backlinks is diversity!”  

That’s what I advise you:

  • Diversify the sources of your links : blogs, company, associations, forum, directories, …
  • Diversify the anchors of your links , it is very important to avoid the penalties of Google.
  • Diversify the quality of the sites that make links to you, privilege the sites with a strong authority but do not neglect the small sites which, even if they do not have statistics of madness, are obviously sites well constructed and interesting. ..
  • Diversify the locations. I know, I just told you to forget the links in the footer and the sidebar … Now, if you have some it will not hurt you🙂
  • Avoid anchors on your exact keyword especially when it is of the type “plumber Paris”. Google can sometimes be a bit silly but it should not be exaggerated, it could on the optimization, full nose and this abuse leads quickly to the penalty …

Tip: Check the quality of a site in 5s

If you want to quickly check the quality of a site from an SEO perspective, you can use the free extension of the Majestic SEO tool:   Chrome Extension Majestic SEO .

To use it just click on the extension button in your browser to get statistics on the page opened in your browser:

  • Flow Quote: This is the popularity of the page. Here, it is especially the quantity that is taken only counts the quality
  • Trust Flow: Conversely, the TF indicates the quality / authority of the page
  • Backlinks: the number of backlinks …
  • Referring domains: much more important than the number of backlinks, the number of different sites which make at least a link to the page

To do it properly, the value of the Trust Flow must be close to that of the Citation Flow (or higher of course :)). The higher the ratio CF / TF, the more the site seems to have a “spammy” profile.

Basically, I prefer to have a one-page link with a CF: 15 / TF: 15 rather than a page with a CF: 30 / TF: 5

Well, where are those famous Backlinks?

Ok, the introduction was a little long but at the same time, the focus was needed to go on a healthy basis.

I focused on methods that work on a maximum of markets and I left out all that apply only in certain niches. Here we go !


  1. Analyze your competitors
  2. Complete articles in your theme
  3. Registration in quality directories
  4. Write guest articles
  5. Make link exchanges
  6. Technical Skyscraper
  7. Get Interviewed
  8. Create an Infographic
  9. Organize a contest
  10. Product Review
  11. Join Forum
  12. Create a Free Tool
  13. Buy an Expired Domain Name
  14. Create a Network of Sites
  15. Be charitable, make a donation!
  16. Buying Links
  17. Write Testimonials
  18. Comment by Blog
  19. Transform Quotes into Links
  20. Transform 404 errors into links
  21. Ask suppliers and partners
  22. Write an article from Experts
  23. Article Groupings
  24. Go out !

Analyze your competitors

Looking for backlinks? Why bother you, others have already done the job for you!

Step one, list your biggest competitors or items that appear in the top 10 places of google for the keyword you are targeting. (you can start the operation again using alternative keywords, this will give you more potential backlinks to analyze)

Then, for each page you have noted, get back their backlinks using a tool like Majestic SEO, ahrefs or Seoprofiler. Although these tools are paying, you can most often use some features for free or even all the features during a trial period limited in time (take the opportunity to analyze a maximum of your competitors).

To analyze all these potential backlinks, I advise you to integrate everything into an excel file and to use filters to keep only the best ones.

Complete articles in your theme

If you work seriously, you will always have a look in your field to keep up to date with the latest trends and news. Well, that’s good news, because with all the knowledge you accumulate, you are surely able to come up with ideas to complement the articles you read on a daily basis.

A simple email is enough to expose your idea to the author of the article. The gain is double! You establish a relationship with an actor of your theme and in addition your idea will often be added to the article in question with a link to your site! Of course this can only work if you bring a real added value to the article .

Registration in quality directories

Probably one of the oldest sources of links in the world of SEO. So yes, the beautiful days of directories are behind them and a link of this type will never be worth a good link from a “real” site but it does not mean that we must completely forget them .

Select carefully a few general directories, it will not hurt you and give a slight boost to your SEO. In a nutshell, a good directory is a directory that:

  • does not automatically validate requests
  • requires a long description
  • has a correct trust flow (at least greater than 20)

If you find specialized directories on your theme, it’s even better!

As this task is not complicated but a bit time-consuming, you can save time by outsourcing registrations.

Write guest articles

Well known technique and very used in recent years, the guest blogging still has good days in front of him . The principle is simple, you write articles that you propose then to other blogs in a theme close to yours.

Like all other techniques, it should not be abused and especially it must be done properly. If you write low quality articles, not only will you find it difficult to find blogs that will publish them (think about your reputation) but also those who will be likely to be frowned upon by Google. So before you submit your articles, ask yourself the following question: Would I have agreed to publish this article on my blog? If the answer is no, it is not worth proposing it …

To find blogs that accept guest articles, you can, for example, search for:
“Submit an article”  + youremethematic

Make link exchanges

Although this technique is much less effective than before, you can still do it in small doses . On the other hand forget immediately of the exchanges of links in the footer or the sidebar . It does not help anyone and sends bad signals to Google.

If you want to exchange links, it must bring something to readers (both sides). Find respectively an article where you could make a link that adds to it or if you can not find one, create a custom article to place the link. Try not to add your links at the same time and let a little time, it will seem more natural …

Finally, whatever method you use, always try to keep in mind the reader’s interest. If it helps, Google will be happy.

Alternatively, if you have several sites in the same theme, you can do indirect exchanges. You make a link to the site of a partner from a site A and it links you to your site B. Good after, Google is not fooled, made it in good intelligence and do not abuse not !

Technical Skyscraper

The name of this technique comes from a well known speaker of the English-speaking world, Brian Dean. The principle is simple, create a very high quality content and then promote it by mail. It may seem simple but it is a formidable technique if it is well done:

  1. We must start by finding content that generates links and sharing in your theme. For that, you can simply do a search in google and use Majestic SEO to see if it generates links where otherwise you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to identify the most shared items in your niche
  2. Create better content (longer / more up to date / better design / …)
  3. All you have to do is contact all the sites that already link to a similar article to offer you yours

If the quality of your content is really high, you will be able to get many quality links. Very good method but which requires a big investment in time.

Get Interviewed

In almost every area you can find people doing interviews. Whether in text, audio or video format, everything is good to take . On the other hand for this to work, you must have a minimum of notoriety on the web.

If you happen to be interviewed by a size in your field, you will not only gain a huge notoriety but in addition you will get a backlink with strong authority and in your theme. This can give a boost to your business.

Create an Infographic

In recent times, infographics are on the rise and at the same time it is understandable. They are more enjoyable to watch than an article and in addition, we better remember the information in this format. But what makes it interesting for you is that they generate much more sharing  than classic articles and as a bonus, if you apply the right method, you will be able to get good backlinks:

  1. Create your infographic . For this, you have 2 choices, either you do it yourself for example with a site like https://www.easel.ly/ or you outsource (you can find this kind of services on fiverr.com) . To you to see according to your affinity with this kind of works but also according to your means.
  2. Then, you will list as many sites that cover topics similar to your computer graphics. (a simple Google search will give you very good results)
  3. And finally, you just have to contact all these sites (by email or via social networks):
    • Show them your infographic
    • Suggest that they share it with their audience
    • And to increase your chances, also propose to write a unique introduction in which you can insert your link

Organize a contest

Internet users love competitions and this is probably one of the best ways to make yourself known when you do not have a large audience yet. A well-organized contest will give you a boost to your email list and visibility on social networks. You can even get valuable backlinks:

  1. The organization of a competition is not very complex. The simplest is to offer a simple draw but you can also create a small questionnaire.
  2. Carefully choose the winnings. If you propose something too generic, you will attract a lot of people who have nothing to do with your target audience.
  3. On the contest page, get participants to give their email address and share the contest (the OnePress Social Locker plugin does the job very well)
  4. Do you think your job is done? That all you have to do is watch your email list grow and backlinks flock? If you have read the rest of the article, I think you have understood that the method of “publish and pray” is not the ultimate technique … And, yes, as always, it will have to work and contact a maximum of people who are present in your theme . What is magical about contests is that everyone likes to share them and you will see that there is no need to be known for it to work!

Product Review

If you have something to sell, be it a training, an ebook or even a physical product, you can easily get free advertising.

How? And quite simply by offering your product for free to influential players in your market who will then publish an article on their blog (according to your notoriety you may need to settle for more “modest” sites).

Simple and effective, on the other hand, it can be dangerous if the product is not of good quality, Attention to the bad publicity which can be devastating! 

Join Forum

Find one or two forums in your industry and try to invest in them.

  • First benefit, you will be able to highlight your skills and gain notoriety .
  • Second benefit, you can often add a signature link (be careful to respect the rules of each forum …).

It is not the backlink of the century but it is in your theme and it is legitimate . It is always good to take.

Create a Free Tool

If you have the opportunity to create a free tool, go for it!  It’s a huge source of baklinks . It is not necessary to create something important. For example, this tool that simply tests the type of redirect has got 262 backlinks from 36 different domains (according to Majestic SEO). And yet, believe me, the code behind is very simple.

Now you probably say that this method is for developers … Well no! In reality, anyone can outsource the creation of a mini-application . Either you know someone who can take care of it, or you hire a service provider. If you are comfortable in English you can find cheap ones on freelance platforms like upwork .

All you have to do is find a good idea!

Buy an Expired Domain Name

If you like recycling, you’ll love this technique :). Everyday a multitude of sites are closing and their domain names are no longer renewed. Well know that for you, it’s a bargain! Even if a site closes, the links that it had are still existing. So, if you buy the domain name you also get its links!

Well then, this technique is very effective but it is complex. Beginner abstain . I will not describe it in detail here, but here are the (very) great lines:

  1. Find and buy an expired domain name in your topic
  2. First solution: you simply do a 301 redirection of the old domain name to your site to retrieve the links
  3. Second solution: you put a site on the purchased domain name , you make it “relive” then you make links to your site

Create a Network of Sites

Why not create your own backlinks? That’s sure it can make you dream! But before you get there, there is work!

Creating a network of sites is a well known technique of SEOs but it is both long, complex and dangerous! Well mastered, it can make you climb quickly in the first positions. Conversely, if Google detects your network … Game Over!

If you are new to SEO, forget this method. If you want to minimize the risk of penalty, forget this method.

Some tips to reduce the risks and boost its effectiveness:

  • Vary the accommodations used
  • Also vary the CMS and the themes used
  • Vary IP addresses
  • Do not buy all domain names with the same identity
  • Leave NDD expired to save time

Personally, I almost no longer use this method, I find it too risky and too time consuming (even by automating a lot of things). Now it’s up to you!

Be charitable, make a donation!

Why not donate to a charity? You do a good action and besides, if you choose well, you can get a link! Ok, you will probably be totally out of the box, but this kind of site often has an important authority in the eyes of Google, why not use it? But do not expect miracles either🙂

To find one, try searches like “list of our donors”, “donate” …

Buying Links

This is a technique that allows you to get good links quickly. You pay a site to insert a link to you. It’s simple !

On the other hand, Google does not like this kind of practice at all … If you do it intelligently and do not shout it on the roofs, you reduce the risks. Flee sites that publicly display this type of service …

It’s up to you to see if the game is worth the candle!

Write testimonials

Get used to writing a testimonial every time you buy a product especially if it’s in your niche. This can be a physical product, a training, an ebook, no matter whether it is free or paid.

Then send this testimonial to the creator of the product and tell him that he can share it with his audience if he wishes. Even if it does not work all the time, you will regularly come to have your testimony posted on the product presentation page with a link to your site.

The more you know, the more likely you are that this technique works.

Comment by Blog

Commenting articles in your area is an essential point to make yourself known and build relationships . Most of these comments will allow you to get a link on your name. Unfortunately, these links are mostly in Nofollow, that is, they do not add anything to your SEO.

However, some blogs still offer links in Dofollow . Do not abuse this technique and make a comment only if it is really useful! Also avoid commenting on poor quality sites, it will not do you any good.

a request to help you find blogs with dofollow comments: yourkeyword + “This site uses KeywordLuv” OR “your first name @ Your keyword” OR “your name @ Your keyword” OR “Enter YourName @ YourMotcle”

Transform Quotes into Links

If you start to have some notoriety in your field, it is likely that some sites are talking about you. Most of the time, these sites link to yours, but this is not always the case. In this case, you can send an email to thank the author for having mentioned you and ask you at the same time if it would be possible to add a link.
Most of the time, people who have quoted you will not hesitate to add a link.

A tip to help you find quickly in google pages where your address is quoted but there is no link to your site: -inanchor: “yoursite.com” -site: “yoursite.com” yoursite. com
It is not perfect but it will save you time!

Transform 404 errors into links

Who has never come across a 404 page while wandering on his favorite sites? Do you find that painful? I think it’s great!  When you find a link that goes wrong on a page that is in your area, it’s a great opportunity to win a good link:

  1. First step, look if you have an article to propose to replace the one that does not work anymore
  2. If this is not the case but the topic may be of interest to your readers, write the
  3. Finally, contact the author of the article to indicate the error and offer him your resource instead

Even if it’s not easy to find these opportunities, they can often earn very good backlinks that you could not have otherwise.

To find these famous dead links you have 2 solutions:

  • you are actively looking for it and there you can use a tool like brokenlinkcheck  that will give you all the dead links of a site (try on the big sites of your niche you might be surprised by the result)
  • You activate an extension like “Check My Links” (on chrome) and you locate the dead links to the sandstone of your readings

Good hunt !

Ask suppliers and partners

Sometimes, to win a link, just ask . Do you have suppliers? Partners ? Ask them nicely and you will often win a link. Quite simply.

Write an article from Experts

It has become very fashionable, create an article that brings together the opinion of many experts on a specific issue. For example: “28 experts reveal their secrets to get the best backlinks”

It takes a little time and investment but the game is worth it:

  • You will build relationships that will benefit you
  • Your readers will be impressed by your relationships and they will see you more as an expert in your field
  • The experts interviewed will share almost all the article on social networks which will explode your visibility
  • This type of article naturally generates backlinks (after the best solution is to promote it to try to earn more …

Article Groupings

Every week, many sites publish their favorite articles. Take this opportunity and contact them to submit your latest article.
Attention, for this to work, you must have an article that really stands out! Again, gain and double, link and visibility!

To find this kind of article, you can try terms like “top week”, “news of the week”, “top news” … Add your keyword in the search and filter on results with less a month.

Go out !

We often forget that links are not only won in front of a screen! The meetings you will do irl can bring you a lot and I do not speak only links in the sense of SEO.

So get out of your house, attend events and conferences related to your field. Whatever your theme, you will surely find a salon related!

You are still here ?

I know, this article starts to get damn long … but as we say, when we love we do not count! And I love to share with you a maximum of tips. I could have added another package but I preferred to keep only those that I find viable and that can really bring you links.

Beyond the methods presented here is what you need to remember from this article:

  • The quality of your content is essential to get good links
  • Do not wait for internet users to discover your content, promote it!
  • if a link is easy to have, it’s probably not a good link

A good backlink that deserves! And this trend will only grow, Linkbaiting has a bright future!

Now, if you want to thank me for the time spent writing this article over 4500 words, share it! And if that can complete one of your articles, make me a link🙂