What Are The Top 12 Reasons You Need SEO In 2018?

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What Is Search Engine Ranking?

12 Reasons For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization enables companies to increase their reach while saving part of their advertising budget. This will help you reach more potential customers and increase your sales.

Over 80% of Internet users only visit the results listed on the first few pages, and of those, more than 70% click on the first three links. Decisive for the success of a company is therefore that the Internet appearance is not only visually good and structured, but also listed on the first page in search engines.

ACID21 summarizes ten key reasons for the search engine optimization:

1) With a small advertising budget to the greatest possible success

Search Engine Optimization is the ideal base for keyword-based ad serving such as  Google AdWords . Using  search engine advertising (SEA) , search engine optimized  landing pages are  essential for campaign performance and can save a lot of advertising budget.

So you can generate more clicks and more potential customers with less budget.

2) Improving website usability

Looking back in time, it was not the navigation of the website at the top priority, but rather the crowded and mostly tasteless color combinations that struck the user. Just by the fact that SEO creates competition, much positive has been done in the field of web design and in particular in the usability domains navigation, structure and load times.

3) Increase visitor numbers

Often, the searcher already has a need for an offer, but still no solution and comes across Google on a variety of proposals. If your internet presence is well placed when entering a search, then there is a great chance that the interested party clicks on the first result and gets this case on your website.

4) Displacement of the competitors

On the Internet, the number of competitors is immense, but they can be displaced with the help of the right search engine optimization. Each place in the ranking is awarded only once. With an active competition analysis and the right keywords , competitors can be pushed to the back seats, making it impossible to get past your website.

5) First-class ranking equals a USP

If your Internet presence is perceived permanently on the front placement, this is equivalent to a USP (unique selling point), because the customer often wants to find a quick solution to his problem.

6) A well thought out strategy leads to success

Without a well thought-out SEO strategy for a company, getting a good search engine ranking is not easy. Therefore, a long-term search engine optimization strategy should be established. Once in the pole position, the competition has a problem catching up with you. Especially if you have not focused on SEO. But you should not rest on your laurels. Of course, a very good ranking by controlling should continue to be observed and maintained.

7) Image improvement of the company

If a company is regularly attended by Internet users, it can usually look forward to a much better corporate image. High rankings are associated with seriousness and professionalism by Internet users.

8) No comparable marketing tool has a higher ROI

Search engine optimization convinces thanks to sustainability with a high return of investment (ROI) .

9) controllability and measurability of the target groups

In online marketing, there is no comparable medium, which works similar to the target group exactly like the search engine of Google . By Google Analytics is a comprehensive list of the most viewed Searches can be created. As a result, marketing campaigns can be precisely controlled and thus enable the targeted target group to be precisely addressed.

10) Organized Web thanks to SEO

Thanks to search engine optimization, today’s Web has become much more organized and structured than it was just a few years ago. The enormous amount of data has to be sorted and filtered. So Search Engine Optimization is good for us and makes us work more economically. Little effort for the best result.

11) Usability

Google optimization of websites not only helps search engines to better understand and crawl pages. By the way, search engine optimization also improves usability for the user – so SEO offers a win-win situation for both sides. In hisintroduction to SEO Google writes:
In search engine optimization is about to present the website at its best, in terms of the visibility in search engines, but your overall goal is to attract users to your website and not search engines. 
At the OSG we analyze in the context of the onpage Analyzing, among other things, the extent to which the navigation of a website is well thought out, whether the right keywords are used and how fast a page loads in the browser – all points that are not only important for top rankings, but should also belong to the standard of a user-friendly page ,

12) Future competition

Prepare for upcoming competition early on, even if you are currently in the middle of the world wide web alone with your offer on the floor. Who gives you the certainty that this will still be the case in a few years? Prevention is better than aftercare because SEO measures usually take some time to get their full effect. Better to have already an SEO concept in the drawer than to start with SEO until the competitor suddenly appears in the SERPs.


Search engine optimization has become indispensable in a successful online marketing campaign. Google has established itself as an ubiquitous size on the Web, while also creating a huge advertising platform for businesses and individuals. Almost every Internet user uses Google to solve his problems. Already ” Googling ” is the best and almost always the first solution on the World Wide Web.

In short, online marketing and SEO are as much a part of the pen and the paper. Therefore, intelligent search engine optimization is essential for the success of an advertising campaign and should always be taken into account in an advertising strategy.