What Are The Shocking Truths About SEO?

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The SEO  based on a set of techniques and criteria to optimize the SEO of your website. We read everything and sometimes its opposite on this subject. To simplify the understanding of the subject, we will focus today on the 4 truths to know about SEO. Bonus, at the end of the article you will discover the 5 most important SEO criteria according to the SEO Factors 2016 study.

1. Not everything is based on keywords We saw last week in the first part of this issue dedicated to SEO , the keywords hidden in your pages are not the only guarantee of a good optimization of your site. Even if it is an essential work to realize for each page and each content diffused on your site. Keywords are at the heart of your SEO strategy, but it’s not limited to that.

2. SEO is not a free SEO

Contrary to what has been said for a long time, Natural Referencing is not free. It requires a significant  investment in time . Whether to intervene on the technical part of your site, analyze data and statistics or create “optimized SEO” content. But this work is essential to come out of the shadows and ensure regular and lasting results to your positioning on the search engines. The investment time is to be taken into account.

3. SEO is not an instant magic formula

Time is SEO’s best friend. SEO is a long-term job that requires a long-term vision. We must not wait for immediate results. On the contrary, it takes 3-6 months before for results. It’s important to continuously track your SEO data and adjust your strategy as you go.

4. Nothing is definitive when it comes to SEO

The particularity of SEO is that the rules change regularly. Webmasters and SEOs must be constantly old because Google can change its algorithms at any time. It is also not possible to master 100% of the results related to SEO work. It makes it known to be vigilant and to invest continuously in order to maintain stable results.