What are the free tools for an SEO audit?

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August 3, 2018
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August 4, 2018

Tools for an SEO audit


Tools for an SEO audit

This is one of the first tools that I knew and that I like , only that it has the disadvantage that you can perform an analysis a week. Although this “problem” has a quick solution, we change the IP and we will be able to carry out a new analysis.

This tool marks you in a first section the priorities to improve the audited website, and then in different categories you will comment point by point on SEO On Page.



This tool is my second favorite, but I use more than Woorank since in this there is no limit of audits. In addition to analyzing the website we want, we can also analyze the Twitter account of the user we want.

MetricSpot measures the degree of optimization of your website and that of your competitors based on more than 50 SEO parameters that influence the ranking of Google and other search engines.



This first free tools analyzes all the elements for SEO on page . After analyzing the website, it will show you the elements that you should improve as soon as possible. You can also download the report in a pdf , in exchange for a liking.



Tools very similar to Woorank but with the improved visual aspect. With QuickSprout you can audit and create very complete SEO reports totally free.

In addition to analyzing the elements of the SEO on page, also performs an audit of Social Media , which analyzes our activity and that of the competition; although for this I like much more BuzzSumo, I’ll talk about it in other post🙂

MySite Auditor

mysite auditorAnd the fifth and last tool is My Site Auditor, in which we can perform unlimited, free SEO audits, audit specific pages , analyze the optimization for a keyword, as well as export all data in pdf. The only drawback I see regarding the previous tools is that you have to leave an email to perform the audit, but who does not have a junk mail today …🙂