What are the first steps to putting together a Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Attracting customers on the Internet is the creation of a network that involves site and social networks.

Usually investment for marketing should be 5-7% of revenues.

This revenue may be present, if the goal is to maintain the status of the Business without growth pretense.

Alternatively the percentage of investment in marketing can be calculated on the basis of the expected value, if the intention is to grow with the Business.

In this second case prediction billing, the initial costs of Marketing will be even greater than its revenue.

So you must estimate the time you need to reach the point of equilibrium, that is, how long you estimate your monthly income will exceed the costs.

Only from the equilibrium point you start to make a profit.

Estimate the time needed to get the first profit will help you estimate how much you need to invest there.

The cumulative cost to insure your Business to the breakeven point will be the value of investment in Digital Marketing.

Then, depending on the desired or estimated billing, you have to estimate how much are considering investing.

Overall we can say that if your Business is new, consider between 18 and 24 months to break even, ie before seeing the first profit.

If you are launching a new service or want to implement a growth strategy for a Business that already exists, its time to the BEP (Break Even Point – Breakeven) can be much smaller because its Business already has a structure and one “inertia” operational.

In this case the time until the BEP may vary between 2 months and 6 months.

Clearly these figures are generic and need to be validated in the specific segment.

But how to use the investment in Digital Marketing?

I’ll spend longer here some strategic directions.



Short term : you can work the sponsored links (AdWords) investing around R $ 1,000 / month on Google plus account management fee (which is between R $ 490 / month and R $ 900 / month).

This is the most assertive way if the goal is prospecting Leads short-term.

Your site appears on Google for those looking exactly your service.

This user enter directly in the page of the service you want to advertise and will be able to get directly in touch with you.

IMPORTANT: AdWords is a tap, that is, the day you do not invest more, your website will virtually disappear once the searches.

In AdWords you do not pay for the times your ad appears, but for each click your ad receives one.

Medium term: to work with the medium term objective, you have to work optimization and site content .

This means start posting 3 content / week for the next three months and then 2 content per week.

The result is that Google will recognize the relevance of your site for certain keywords and your website will start appearing in searches “organic” without paying AdWords.

It is estimated a time of 3-4 months before Google start giving results, but in time these results are more stable than in the case of sponsored links.

Effective consultancy includes creating agenda content , optimization and publishing in social media , etc.

The value of content Blog is about R $ 300 / content, including producing the same of the contents, or R $ 190 / content if only intelligence work (agenda, optimization, publishing) and production is customer .

It is worth remembering that in the Blog the goal is not to “sell” your service, but you “up sell” as segment specialist.

Branding is a job that will generate customers in the medium term (6 months up)


It is very important to establish a contact who gave like your Facebook page , get in touch with each of them, to invite them or to an event, or download an Instagram , or offer a free consultation, ask for feedback, etc.

We suggest promoting page 2,000 Likes .

It does not mean that these Likes they will become your customers, but need to show who will later on the page, you have a structure behind.

For a page with less than 2,000 Likes gives an amateur look.

We also suggest engaging in thematic groups  which have users who speak in its class, looking for solutions to their problems.

It is here perhaps you can offer your service free of charge and leave your new client wanting more.

Remember: work in  social networks is not to “sell” their service, but to show their difference, and engage with their target audience.

Ideally be able to disseminate testimonies of their clients, nor need the name of the people, but of why they liked their work.

This will be your advantage.


You need at least a post a day in order to engage.tumblr_mcq3i4apmv1r1thfzo1_1280

We suggest working experience of images that more institutional. laughing customers, etc.

We suggest working the “Gel Marketing”, that is, look for people who may be interesting and follow them hoping they follow you back.

Work best short videos than pictures, type instead of taking a picture, make a video still 5-6 seconds.

Your content will appear so many more times to his followers.

For example, on Facebook, an image appears for 3-4% of people your likes your page, as a video shows up to 20-25% of people your likes your page.

Usually to help guided and publish on social networks ( facebook, instagram, stumbleupon, Google Plus , etc.) can be an effective consulting with a fixed monthly charge (eg R $ 990 / month).

This fixed amount does not include content production, but orientation to produce them

If the advice involves production of content also, the value clearly varies almost linearly with the amount of content produced.

Normally the value is around R $ 190 / content.

It is much more that can be done, but it depends on how much you budgeted for your digital marketing campaigns.

These are only the basic tasks for you to get familiar with the digital world .

However we invite you to download the free ebook on our Digital Marketing for Beginners .

Here’s the link: https://www.notopo.com/marketing-digital-para-iniciantes/

If you need help designing your Digital Marketing Strategy, contact the Time NoTopo .

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