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SEO OffPage Factors

The arrival of the Google Penguin algorithm, which regulates the incoming links to a website, has made changes and optimizations OffPage of a website become more prominent. Any concept error could lead to a positioning penalty in Google.

Web Hosting Country

A website that wants to position itself in Spain , the ideal is that it is hosted on a server located in our country and with a Spanish IP address . The explanation is given by the number of calls made by the browser to the hosting (especially when using databases), which causes an increase in the loading time of the website and, therefore, a decrease in the visibility of the same.

In addition, it is not well accepted by Google that a page with French, German or any other country’s IP, wants to position itself in Spain. The normal thing is that a Spanish website with the same characteristics is better positioned than the website of another country.

We must also take into account the legal regulations, because if we have a hosting in the US or in any country outside the EU, it means that all our data is in a country different from ours, which entails an international transfer of data, something that It must be accepted expressly by the users of the web.

IP address of the page

The IP address is always a negative factor . This means that if it is correct it will not improve the positioning, while if it is not as it should be, it could entail a significant penalty. The IP must be, as we mentioned in the previous factor, the country where you want to perform the positioning.

An IP can be dedicated (only used by a single web project) or shared (many domains have the same IP address). When we choose a shared hosting, we usually share IP as well . This means that if any of the portals does not recommend techniques and IP is affected by toxicity, our portal will also be considered toxic and, therefore, will be penalized by the search engine. When we decide on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated hosting, it usually has a dedicated IP and, in this way, it can be safely protected from intoxication.

As for the types of IP addresses, the Class A will be positioned better than class B . The IP addresses (version 4) are formed by 32 bits (sequences of ones and zeros), although normally they are represented in 4 groups of 8 bits (octets) separated by points and with the equivalent of each octet in decimal format, for example A part of that address identifies the network, while another part identifies the team ( host ). IP addresses are classified according to the number of octets used to identify one or another part, as we can see in the following image.

Domain Authority ( DA , English Domain Authority ) web source link

One of the fundamental factors for a website to be better positioned than another is linkbuilding . Therefore, it is very important that the link to the web comes from another with a very important domain authority . The greater the domain authority, the better the quality of the link.

Authority of page ( PA , of English Page Authority ) of the web origin of the link

Not only is the strength of the domain ( DA ) important, but the strength of the web page ( PA ) is also of great importance, since part of it will be transferred to the destination website when links are used follow . A follow link is a normal link, while the nofollow links (which do not pass through the strength of the links) are those that use the attribute rel = “nofollow” .

Ideally, try to be as natural as possible and place links from different sites, with different page and domain authority. All the links from sites with a DA> 60 can be considered as an artificial construction of links and, therefore, may suffer a penalty.

Anchor text of the link

This factor is crucial to get the keywords or keywords of a website to start positioning properly. The anchor text is the text by which it is linked to the destination website. This text must always be brand, that is, if the domain is www.midominio.com and I am dedicated to selling bicycles, the anchor text will always be mydomain, or www.mydomain.com, or something that has to do with the brand of the company .

If we use keywords in the anchor text , it will be interpreted by Google as unnatural and, therefore, will be penalized.

Percentage of repetition of the same anchor text

The normal thing is that a link put naturally (a link that someone has put without asking in a certain site to a specific web) has an anchor text very similar to the brand of the destination website. Therefore, for Google , a link that includes only one keyword in the anchor text will be considered as unnatural and, therefore, may be penalized for such an action.

For example, if the destination website is mueblespaco.com, the links to the website will be very similar to the brand: mueblespaco, www.mueblespaco.com, furniture paco, etc. In addition, the number of times an anchor text is repeated should not be more than 4% of the total . The higher this percentage, the greater the possibility of penalty may have.

Country of the links

The country of the links is the country where the site hosting is located where there is a link to the web that we want to position . Therefore, if we want to position in Spain it is easier to do it when most of the links come from pages hosted in Spain.

Links follow / Links nofollow

follow link is one that not only names, but also recommends . With a link follow part of the strength ( link juice ) that the source page has, it is transferred to the destination website . In nofollow link no authority is transferred , it is only mentioned.

For this reason you should choose the most appropriate combination between follow links and nofollow links , to show naturalness.

Links from columns

The links from the columns, either right or left, are identified by Google as purchased links and , therefore, can lead to a loss of visibility (penalty) of the destination page when it is detected by the Google Penguin algorithm . Therefore, the links from these locations must be nofollow .

Linked from the footer ( footer )

The links from the footer are the same as the links from the columns : they must also be nofollow .

Relationship IP addresses / domains

It is necessary to know that for Google it is very important to have a very varied number of domains of high quality(similar subject and high DA). But we must also know what are the IP addresses of each of the domains. If two IP addresses that link to a domain are the same or of the same rank (only by changing the last octet), they will be considered to belong to the same hosting and, therefore, to the same person. Therefore, they will be interpreted as artificial links, which may imply a penalty . Ideally, each link belongs to a different domain and has a different IP from each other.

Thematic of the origin sites of the link

We do not discover anything new if we affirm that Google is currently more important than quantity . Therefore, we must generate links in sites of the same theme or similar theme . It is preferable to have 20 links of sites with the same theme to 100 links of sites of different themes.

Purchased links

The purchased links have a very negative influence on the positioning of a website. Normally these links are of low quality, so Google will not take long to realize this fact, penalizing the origin and destination domain .

Exchange of links

It is one of the most unknown factors of how many we will highlight. Google will detect a link exchange when there is a link from A to B and another from B to A, penalizing both websites. Therefore, it is preferable not to exchange links .

Private network of blogs ( PBN , of English Private Blog Network )

PBN is a pyramid of links composed of several levels, so that the web that we want to position only comes with high quality links.

Links in images

A link in an image can be even more powerful than a link from a text , but certain requirements have to be met:

  • Not be spam or look like it.
  • The alt tag will be the anchor text of the link.
  • The anchor text will be branded and will never contain a keyword.
  • Provide the image with title, description and legend.
  • All the text that goes around the image will serve to position this image.

Order of links

Since SEO began to be talked about, it is known that the most important link is the first link that is placed on a website. Therefore, the trend was that the link linkbuilding be included in the first paragraph, the higher the better.

Today we know, because there are several studies that certify that the best link that can be put on a website is the second, since the first raises suspicions of Google and is considered much more forced than the second and successive.

Number of followers in social networks

Social networks provide an extra position that is still not very prevalent in the total of SEO factors (less than 7%) . However, the more followers more likely to share content and more likely to generate additional links.

Indexing of toxic content

When a negative SEO attack is made (make the competition penalized and lower in the search results), a large number of pages are indexed with the name Viagra, Cialis and others with sexual content or online gambling .

These pages do not really exist on your website, but through a reference has been indexed in Google . It is necessary to solve the possible problem that it generates, since it can cause a serious economic damage for those who support it .

Toxic links

It is another technique that is used in negative SEO . Toxic links are links from very ” spammed ” sites with a keyword related to very negative content in Google , such as Cialis , Viagra , etc. The accumulation of links of this type means that you can suffer a severe Google penalty.