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How to get quality SEO links to your site?

What strategy of backlinks set up for your site?

A few weeks ago now, I gave you the strategy I would put in place if I started my own e-commerce site . Today, I wanted to discuss in more detail one point of this strategy by giving you several techniques to get quality incoming links (or backlinks) .

I propose at first to remind you what is a quality incoming link . Then I will show you different techniques to get quality SEO links .

What is a quality backlink?

It’s no longer a secret for you (well, I hope ^ ^), Google takes into account the incoming links of a page to define its notoriety and thus define the place that the page must occupy in its results on this or that keyword.

Since the last updates to Google’s algorithm, it is necessary to follow several good practices to define that an incoming link is of quality .

As a reminder (in case) a quality link is composed of a link (destination URL) as well as an anchor, that is to say the expression on which the link is positioned

1. A link that is in do-follow

The first element of a quality inbound link is the fact that the link is in do-follow. Which means that Google’s robots will take into account the anchor on which the link is positioned. Thus, Google will associate the link (and therefore the page of your site) to an expression. Thus, Google will consider that this page is relevant to the given expression.

Attention, this technique is known from all references for several years, Google has updated its algorithm and now sanctions sites that have too frequent anchors. Indeed, Google now considers that authors of content can not all put the same anchor (because each human thought and write differently).

If you are therefore required to have several links (from several sites) to the same page of your site, think to vary the anchors so that it seems as natural as possible for Google’s robots.

For example, “Washing Machine”, “Washing Machine”, “Washing Machine” …

Moreover, the more your link is positioned on a site called authority (thematic site with a significant seniority and regular new content, plus your link will have weight.

st element: a link do-follow, if possible on an authority site

2. A link that is in thematic content …

The second to consider for a quality backlink is the content in which your link is positioned.

Indeed, Google now scans the content in which the link is positioned and ensures that the link is consistent with the theme to which it points.

This avoids certain borderline practices by SEOs who created blogs from scratch and wrote any content to position links.

nd item: a contextual link in a content thematic link

3. … which is more than 300 words

The third element to take into account for the quality of your link is the fact that the link is positioned in thematic content that is more than 300 words long.

Once again, Google wished by this condition to avoid false articles, always with the aim of being as precise as possible.

rd element: a link in a thematic content of more than 300 words

4. The place of the link in this content

The 4 th important element to take into account that your backlink is quality is instead of it in content.

Indeed, in the eyes of Google, the higher the link is positioned in the content, the more the search engine robots give it the importance.

th element: a link in the start of content

5. The environment in which the link is positioned

The last element to take into account to have a quality incoming link is the environment in which it is located. By environment, I mean all the content.

For your link to be magnified in the eyes of Google’s robots, it is recommended that this link be positioned in a content that contains images (named with keywords of the theme). In addition, it is also advised that another link to another external site is placed in the content. This is especially important if the link points to a reference site.

This last element will give a natural appearance to Google.

th element: an environment natural looking

What is a quality link?

If I summarize, for a link to be considered quality in the eyes of Google, it is necessary that it is positioned in a thematic content of an authoritative site, more than 300 words, in an environment that seems natural , on a varied anchor and in do-follow.

This excludes the links positioned in the footer of sites or directories, which now have much less interest for Google.

What strategy to set up to get quality backlinks?

I now come to deliver several techniques to get quality incoming links .

As I explained in my article on the strategy of launching an e-commerce site, it is necessary to vary the links in C and in no-follow.

However, as I explained above, the links that interest you most are those that are in do-follow.

I therefore advise you to concentrate your financial efforts mainly on the purchase of links in do-follow, while keeping a smaller part of your budget for the acquisition of links in no-follow.

Get quality links in no-follow for free

1. Use blogs and forums in your theme

A simple technique to get free no-follow backlinks is to target the various blogs and forums in the theme of your site and interact with the community.

Indeed, blogs offer at the bottom of each article a comment section. Most of the time, you can specify your name, an email address, and a site URL. The site URL will be positioned on your name (which will be the anchor). This link will normally be in no-follow.

Your goal in this strategy will be to regularly comment on blogger posts by first putting your name as an anchor. Once you get noticed and accepted by the blogger, it will be easier to replace your first name with the keyword you want to position yourself on. Thus, every time you comment on an article, you will glean an optimized link in no-follow.

For forums, it’s the same way. Start by participating in the debates in a constructive and selfless way. Once you have been accepted by the community, include a link in your signature on the anchor of your choice.

This technique is not necessarily very sexy but is a first free draft of a real strategy of netlinking ( strategy for obtaining quality links ). It is very time-consuming but will also help you to be recognized at the community level in your industry.

2. Use social networks

It’s no longer a secret, Google crawls social networks. All social networks, except Google +, put the links shared by users in no-follow.

It is therefore essential to be present on the various social networks by sharing content with links.

Not being a specialist in social media strategies, I will not go into more detail.

If you know bloggers who have detailed their strategy on social networks for an e-commerce site, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments.

Get quality do-follow links

1. Create a blog

This step is essential for any e-commerce site: create a blog!

This blog, located on an external address of your site, will allow you to position the links you want on the anchors that you want.

Create and animate a blog is the best technique to get quality backlinks because you decide everything.

Several blogging techniques are available to you:

  1. Create a single blog and create content regularly.

This technique is the most widespread because it also gives credibility to your site by demonstrating your expertise in the field.

By cons, all the links that you will insert in this blog will come from the same domain name. But the more your links come from different sites, the more Google appreciates.

  1. Create multiple blogs and alternate in content creation

This technique will allow you to acquire links from several sites / blogs thematic, which is more effective at the SEO level than the previous techniques.

However, this technique can be very time consuming (because you have to write as much content per week as you have blogs) and reduce your chances of demonstrating your expertise to your target (less quality content = less credibility) .

In addition, you will need to purchase multiple accommodations and multiple domain names.

2. Solicit Guest-Blogging

I told you earlier, guest-blogging is a good way to glean links of qualities .

I put it in second place techniques to get backlinks because I could verify for myself that it is easier to solicit a guest-blogging (and also cheaper) when you already have a blog or even. As a reminder, I presented 3 axes of attention for an e-commerce site on the SEO blog of Miss-SEO-Girl

Indeed, many bloggers regularly open the door to personalities of the web. This allows for interesting content for their users and the author of the guest-blogging can usually place 1 or 2 links at his convenience. Everyone is happy.

In case the blogger asks you to pay for the publication of the article, negotiate the conditions: numbers of links, status of links …

This technique is less time consuming than creating one or more blogs but will often cost you more.


3. Buy your links

There are several techniques to buy your links.

The first is of course to contact the blogs and sites that interest you and to negotiate with them directly the price they ask to buy links.

The problem with this procedure is that the differences can vary from simple to quadruple (see more), depending on the blogger / site with whom you are in contact.

To rationalize the price of these link purchases, marketplaces of link purchases have been created.

For example, the Telliad platform offers  you hundreds of sites that are ready to sell you good quality incoming links . This platform is interesting because it allows to compare multiple sites based on their pagerank, their rank on Alexa, the seniority of the domain name …

I put Joptimisemonsite.fr on the platform to see how it works and the system is pretty good for bloggers. By entering the URL of my site, it has scanned my page and offered me an average price for each action I agree to do on Joptimise (a text link, a press release, a sponsored post …) depending on the specificities of my site.

The main problem with this type of structure is that they are illegal in the eyes of Google. So they have a sword of Damocles over their heads and all the sites that go through them: if Google decides to hit them, who knows what the consequences will be.

Conclusion: how to obtain links of quality?

You understand, getting quality links for your e-commerce site is essential and requires your time and money.

So try to streamline your strategy by thinking upstream of creating your site SEO strategy that you want to put in place.

In addition, if your SEO skills are limited, do not hesitate to get help from professionals. Many specialized agencies exist and know how to accompany you in your steps. They can even handle everything for you!