What Are The Best SEO Tools Then And Now?

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In addition to having a good SEO training , a SEO needs good tools to work effectively. Our list of SEO tools includes the best tools used in SEO strategies. Some software / services are paying, but rest assured there are also very good free. Our SEO agency has listed SEO tools that cater to both professionals and hobbyists and covers all SEO related needs: SEO audits , analysis reports, statistics, crawl, positioning, link strategy, study of SEO keywords, technical analysis .

Position tracking tools

Position tracking tools allow you to analyze the keywords on which a site is positioned and to obtain statistics on the targeted keywords.

SEO Soft

SEO Soft is a free, minimalist and very powerful position tracking software. It essentially allows to monitor the positions of a website for given keywords. SEO Soft records the positions recorded every day and even builds a position history in graph form.

SEO Hero

If you want to simply check your positions on Google, then this tool is for you. You enter a keyword and domain, geolocation, language (multiple countries are available) and voila!

This positioning tracking tool has the merit of being simple and fulfilling the function we ask.


Positeo is a limited online service, but has the advantage of being free. It allows to first check the position of a page for a given keyword. The good idea of ​​Positeo is to check multiple data centers simultaneously for a more accurate answer. The second great feature of Positeo is duplicate content checking via a text box or directly via a given URL.


SEM Rush is a very powerful paid online tool for tracking a lot of information on keywords. There are two main uses: first, to analyze a particular keyword in order to get its monthly search number, CPC Adwords, related keywords and secondly to analyze a website to find out the keywords on which it is positioned and evolution of its positioning.


Ranxplorer is a tool that allows the user to access a large amount of location analysis data about a website. The goal is to understand which keywords are driving traffic for your site. The platform analyzes SEO data (organic traffic, position, URLs indexed …) and SEA (CPC, keywords positioned, estimated budget), as well as the data of the competition. It also makes it possible to compare the evolution of your positions in natural referencing over a given period.

The backlink analysis tools allow to know a lot of information on the links that a website receives.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is an online tool for auditing backlinks. Enter the address of a website and Majestic SEO provides a detailed account of all links pointing to this site. The tool provided includes information about link anchors, their nofollow or dofollow status, and the reputation of the affected domains. A very useful service to analyze the profile of links of a website.


Ahrefs, just like Majestic SEO, is an online tool for auditing backlinks. Just enter a domain or a link to get a report on the backlinks of the latter. Ahrefs makes it possible to follow very easily the evolution of its profile of links thanks to numerous graphs. We follow the evolution of its number of backlinks, anchors, status of links, domain reputation and many other information.

SEO Cleaner

SEO Cleaner is a free web crawler to analyze its profile links and facilitate the task of disavowal (following Google Penguin for example). You provide him with the list of backlinks of your site and he goes on each of the domains in order to return you various information which will allow you to judge the page from which the link derives. Then just export and sort it in Excel (or other spreadsheet) to achieve a quick and effective disavowal.

Site crawlers

Website crawlers allow to know many information on a website and the pages that compose it (tags, mesh, etc.).

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawling software. Enter the address of a website in the software and Screaming Frog SEO will go through the architecture of the site to list all the pages, internal and external links, images, css and javascripts files, tags titles and even more.

Xenu, LinkExaminer and SEO Toolkit

Xenu, LinkExaminer and SEO Toolkit are all site crawlers just like Screaming Frog SEO. We propose in this article a comparison of the 3 crawlers in order to present them in more detail and to guide your choice more easily. These 3 programs are completely free.

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a free web crawler. It offers all the basic functions of a site crawl software with the advantage of presenting the results clearly and efficiently, the anomalies being highlighted by color codes. An ideal tool to start.

Google tools

Google tools are essential in their respective areas: site analysis, audience analysis and online advertising.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google to track the status of indexing a website. This online tool provides a lot of useful information such as searches for traffic, links to your site, analysis of your pages’ tags, setting up a manual penalty on your site and errors encountered. to correct. GWT is simply a must-have tool.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google to analyze very accurately the audience of its website. We can thus learn more about its visitors (number of visits, origins, technologies used …), their acquisition (natural search, social networks, adwords campaign?) And their behavior (pages visited, user journey …). It’s also possible to track traffic in real time or set and control conversion goals.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online service offered by Google. This is neither more nor less than Google’s advertising network. It allows its users to show targeted ads (ads) directly on the Google search engine (the ad is displayed based on requests from users), but also on the network of sites affiliated with the Google Adsence program (network Display).

Performance analysis tools

The performance analysis tools of a website are essential to optimize the loading times of its pages.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is a free online service to analyze a web page to optimize the loading time. For this the tool generates a very complete report presenting among others the number of requests made with the server as well as the time taken by each request.


GTmetrix is ​​an online service that allows you to analyze any web page. The tool provides a detailed report of the page’s performance factors, or evaluates them, specifies the elements to be corrected and gives advice on the improvements to be made to optimize the performance of its website.