What are the best online advertising options?

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Advertising on the Internet has become a determining factor for a product to be successful in the market, and this is something quite logical. Once an entrepreneur has made so much effort to materialize your idea and have your product ready to be launched on the market, it is necessary to join efforts for people to know and buy.

Today, the different platforms available on the web allow people to broadcast physical products, digital and very easy, cheap and efficient services to reach the desired audience.

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Google itself, small and new entrepreneurs can develop advertising campaigns and reach your audience directly.

If you are about to start their own business or have already started, but still can not get the expected sales results, this post is for you. We show what are the main platforms that you can use to advertise online and how to use each of them.

But first, let’s delve a little more about the advantages of online advertising.

Advantages of online advertising

It’s cheaper than traditional media

Online advertising is ideal for any business or enterprise, since it is basically able to fit any budget.

Also, compared with traditional media, it is much cheaper. An advertisement on radio or television, for example, is only possible for large enterprises, while on the internet there is room for everyone.

It’s easy to do

You do not need to hire an advertising agency or an expert in digital marketing to advertise on the internet.

Here on the blog, for example, we have many tutorials of the leading online advertising tools such as:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • AdWords.

You can reach people around the world

When you develop advertising campaigns on the Internet, the geographic boundaries no longer exist because you can offer your products to people around the world.

It allows you to target your campaigns

Another major advantage of online advertising is that every penny is well spent, since the platforms allow you to target the audience you want to reach, which of course helps to achieve better results.

You can measure the results of their campaigns

Online advertising offers the possibility to measure, in real time, the result of each ad, how many clicks were made on your banner, how many purchases it generated, where users came and more.

This lets you know exactly what works and what needs improvement.

Main ways to make online advertising

Ad on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an ideal tool sponsored links to promote your product or service, attract new customers, increase your online sales and stand out on the Internet.

There are five ways to advertise on this platform:

  1. Research Network;
  2. Display Network;
  3. Google Shopping;
  4. Video;
  5. Universal apps.

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is that you can advertise without having to spend a lot or invest more than planned, since you can set a daily budget available for each campaign and it will be deducted as your ads receive clicks.

How to advertise on AdWords?

The first step you should take is to create an account in AdWords page .

Then you must create your campaign, select the type of ad and fill out the required fields to complete the setup.

If this is one of the tools you want to use and need a step by detailed step on how to make advertising campaigns in Google AdWords, check out our full tutorial on the subject !

Advertisement on Instagram

The Instagram has become one of the most influential social networks in recent years and is a great option for entrepreneurs because it offers the possibility of including ads for companies or brands who want to reach a certain audience.

Ads with Instagram, you can place ads in image or video format and thus achieve advertising goals such as boosting its publications, promote your page, send people to your website, increase conversions, and more.

How to advertise on Instagram?

  • Create an account on the Facebook business manager ;
  • Set up an Instagram account;
  • Create your campaign;
  • Set daily budget and the time of publication of the campaign;
  • Target the audience of his campaign;
  • Change location;
  • Create your ad;
  • Review your content and publish.

If you need a step by step much more detailed on how advertising campaigns on Instagram, invite you to check our complete tutorial.

Ad on Facebook

Facebook is another very good alternative if you want to invest in online advertising to position your business and have more sales.

The best is that you just need to follow some simple steps to develop an advertising campaign that social network:

  • Choose to advertise (promote its publications, promote your page, draw people to your website, increase conversions on your website etc.);
  • Choose the type of ad based on your goals;
  • Fill in the information in the fields, put the ad image, title, description, expiration date, and create your ad;
  • You can create as many ads as you want. Ideally you combine different texts, titles and images to see which produce the best results;
  • Check the preview: Facebook offers a preview of the ad to correct mistakes or change specifications, if necessary;
  • Target your audience. You can target according to age, location, gender, preferences etc;
  • Choose daily spending you wish to have, analyze the campaign, program and set the start and end dates.

Note that you can modify campaigns Facebook Ads, pause them and reactivate them over again.

In addition, you have a manager called Ads Manager , which provides a comprehensive monitoring in real time the results of their campaigns.

For a complete walkthrough, check out our post on how to advertise on Facebook .

Ad on Youtube

The YouTube is another social network that offers paid advertising services to major companies, brands and entrepreneurs.

The popular video platform has become an ideal medium to exchange knowledge, entertain and advertise products and services. And the best that you can do everything in AdWords, as shown in the first item of this post.

Steps to advertise on YouTube with AdWords:

  • Link your YouTube channel to your AdWords account;
  • Select the video you want to promote;
  • Establish promotion features (budget, schedule, targeting, etc.);
  • Click Create and launch campaign and wait for the approval notification YouTube and AdWords (such notification may take up to 24 hours to complete).

Native ad (native ads)

The native ad, known as native ads, is a way to advertise on the Internet without interfering with the user experience in their social networks.

This type of online advertising has become very popular because it has a high rate of acceptance is not intrusive and seems to be a content of the site itself. And it’s also a way to reach people who do not know your brand.

There are many options for creating native advertising campaigns, all depend on the chosen communication channel to reach your market.

However, here are four key steps to start making native ad:

  1. Define your persona or the audience you want to reach.
  2. Understand consumption patterns of your audience;
  3. Select the platforms to develop your campaign (Facebook, Instagram, blogs etc.).
  4. Select the content format to be used (an image, a post, a video) and address issues of interest to your audience.

Find out more about how to use native ads here.

How promote its brand without spending money?

If you are just starting and still has no budget to invest in paid advertising , do not worry!

Fortunately, today we can find other online advertising strategies with which you can get traffic to your website, increase sales and win many customers, such as content marketing and SEO.

The content marketing is a marketing strategy not paid which is intended to influence a particular niche market, offering useful content and free to your audience. It can be developed through blogs, newsletters, videos and social networks.

Also, we have the SEO, a set of techniques that can complement your marketing content and to make their sites appear on Google’s first results page when someone does a search.

Some advantages of content marketing and SEO

  • They are free;
  • Allow to achieve the dream positioning on the Internet;
  • Allow to strengthen relationships and create lasting relationships with its customers, has to offer valuable and useful content is important to them;
  • They create the opportunity for you to become a reference on the Internet;
  • They are ideal strategies to strengthen your personal brand.

Tips for online advertising

Online advertising is undoubtedly an excellent resource for companies or entrepreneurs who want to stand out on the web.

To get your advertising budget has the best performance and yields the best results, it is important to create an advertising campaign well thought out and planned.

Here are some general tips for advertising on the Internet:

  1. Never start advertising without first defining your persona .
  2. Match your ad strategy paid with some options not paid, including content marketing and SEO to maximize results.
  3. Set an exact budget to develop the strategy and thus avoid financial problems.
  4. Select good images and content for their commercials.
  5. Track your commercials with a flashy title, a value proposition and a call to action (call to action) .
  6. Measure the results.

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business: it is useless to create a product or provide a great service in the market, no one knows.

So we invite you to rely on all of these tools and start promoting your products or services to achieve their goals and become a successful entrepreneur.

If you want to know more about this, check out our full post on how to advertise a product .