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Best tools for checking backlinks

Over the last couple of years, much has changed in SEO . But one aspect remains unchanged – the analysis of the reference mass of the site . Previously, your site was ranked by the number of received backlinks, but in 2015 the quantitative factor was transformed into a qualitative one.

Last year, the update of Google Penguin algorithms destroyed the entire network of personal blogs, devaluating low-quality links. Today we will talk about several online tools for assessing the quality of backlinks, with which you can also find out the exact number of backlinks collected:

What are these tools for?

When a resource refers to your site, this is called a backlink. Backlinks were considered one of the most significant ranking signals. They have a positive effect on ranking by keyword. But over time, Google has reduced the value of backlinks and added a few more signals that affect the position of sites in the SERP.

As a rule, backlinks are divided into two categories: Dofollow links and no follow . When it comes to the reference mass, we focus on obtaining links like dofollow . A large number of backlinks contributes to improving the ranking of pages, and also helps to get a higher rating for Moz .

Below are a few online tools for checking backlinks. Some of them offer a more detailed report, while others show only the number of backlinks. But on none of them you do not have to register, which greatly speeds up the process.

SEMRUSH : the most popular, with extensive functionality

The tool I’ve been using for almost two years now. And at the same time this service regularly adds new features, which makes Semrush a convenient SEO tool .

If you find it useful, you can buy it for $ 149 . At the disposal of SEMRUSH is a constantly updated database, which allows you to thoroughly check the status of the reference mass:

See how the Domain Overview report shows details such as the TDL zones , of which your site is most referenced. Information is also available here on the countries from which the most links come.

SEMRUSH can be used to evaluate backlinks, both on your website and on competitors’ sites. In addition, there is a tool for comparing backlinks to your domain, and the ability to get a detailed report with it:


With AHrefs, I met recently, but I decided that this tool is definitely worth mentioning. This paid service checks the backlinks and reference mass of the site. But if you register a free account, you can conduct a full analysis of backlinks along with anchor texts.

If you were caught off guard by the Penguin update , then this tool would definitely help you save your site, as it allows you to get detailed information about links and anchor texts leading to your site:


This is a completely free tool that allows you to check the latest backlinks ( and all the rest ) that lead to your site. In addition, you can export the 1000 most recent links to a .csv document . This is one of the best free services available today.


One of my favorite tools for content marketing, which is presented in both free and professional versions. Version PRO is equipped with additional functionality, which allows you to check the reference mass. In addition, it is possible to export existing links to .csv and Excel-format .

One of the most popular tools for checking backlinks. But I do not like something in BacklinkWatch – pop-ups. The service allows you to get a detailed report on the backlinks leading to the site:

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is considered the oldest and most popular. If you need to compare backlinks of several sites, then definitely try it. This tool works best if you have a paid account in SEOMOZ .