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The Link Building, an Anglo-Saxon term that can be translated literally as link construction, is a SEO positioning technique that is very popular and effective at the moment. Its goal is to get a certain website to be considered relevant by search engines like Google. This technique can be developed in a natural way, that is, allowing other pages to link to ours without there being a prior agreement in between. Or artificially, simulating the previous process.

This link strategy is fundamentally based on the fact that one of the most influential factors when evaluating the ranking of a website is the number of incoming links it has. Thanks to it, it is also possible to measure the number of people searching for something through a certain keyword. And, therefore, calculate your demand. But it also allows quantifying the effectiveness of the positioning of a brand in the search engines.

Advantages of the Link Building

The Link Building offers infinite advantages for all those who develop it. First of all and, as I said, it helps to position the brand. Or what is the same, to do what is called branding in English. In this sense it is worth highlighting the evidence: if a brand manages to appear in the best positions at the time of a user performing a certain search, it will also position itself better in the minds of consumers.

However, it is convenient to take care of the place where a hyperlink appears. In many occasions, the fact that a certain web link does not have to be positive if it has a bad reputation (at this point I recommend you check the article What are the links DoFollow and NoFollow ). In the same way, if the anchor text , that is, the word or phrase that appears hiding the link and that, by clicking on it, redirects to the portal in question, is not appropriate, it can also influence that Google or any other search engine do not proceed to perform the desired indexing.

Therefore, being careful with what other pages say about us is also vital. The discipline that handles all external factors is called SEO Off Page and, generally, it is more important than SEO On Page . This is because, as it could not be otherwise, a hyperlink that, hidden or not under an anchor text, redirects to our website is much more valuable to Google than the one that we indexed within it and that leads to another subpage.

That said and continuing with the advantages offered by the construction of links as a positioning strategy, it is also necessary to say that, if it is executed well, search engines will find our website much faster. But, to achieve this, knowing the key words that most potential customers use is also essential. Nowadays there are many programs and applications that are very useful to determine them.

We must also say that any technique focused on SEO Off Page is a permanent advertising for our website. And, as you know, promotion is one of the main factors in which any company should invest, because if nobody knows it, it is impossible for potential customers to reach it. In this sense, social platforms such as Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin or Google + are the best allies since they allow creating profiles for free and accessing millions of users quickly.

How to work the Link Building in a marketing strategy

Before launching any online marketing strategy related to the construction of links, it is necessary that the keywords have been determined and, in general, everything that I have already commented previously. In addition, it is also essential to establish a series of objectives that are usually focused on achieving Link Baiting. This consists, fundamentally, in getting many links in a very short period of time. How? Keep reading.

There are sites on the Internet where if you can include a hyperlink you will get very high visitor traffic, such as Menéame. This is due, above all, to the fact that these types of websites have an immense user flow. Therefore, Link Baiting is a very effective link strategy and, in addition, very well considered by search engines.

For its part, appear in directories that do not force to return the link is also something very worked by companies. This does not mean that the exchange is negative, but rather that these directories, as there is a round-trip flow, are not so well considered by Google. Likewise, having a blog or sending relevant information to some external parties that may be interested in creating a review about a specific product or directly buying the links are also good options.


In short, and as you have seen, the construction of links is of vital importance for SEO positioning. Therefore, although it requires time, effort and, in many cases, a certain economic investment, this strategy must not be lacking in any online marketing plan since the success of a certain web page will depend on it to a large extent. Remember that if you need help to work the Link Building in your marketing strategy, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you in your web positioning !