Welcome to the Jungle at Rocket Queen: Guns N ‘Roses and the way in Digital Marketing

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Why the Recurrence Economy Came to Stay

The Guns N ‘Roses took the stage in Rio Rock in 2017. It was his fourth appearance at the festival in Rio lands.

After many years with only frontman Axl Rose ‘s original lineup, the band returned to feature guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan .

These returns have left the delighted fans in a nostalgic feeling when they were the most popular rockers – and feared – the world!

“But the RD blog, what Guns N ‘Roses is about Digital Marketing?

Besides a good presence on social networks , the answer is on the first disc of the group, who turned 30 in 2017.

(Explaining to young people: “disco” was a media used before, which contained about ten songs of a single artist and had to be bought with cash in a physical store, as if you were a Neanderthal).

Armas e Rosas

Appetite for Destruction is the album (see “Disk” above) plus selling debut of all time. With hymns on the chaotic Los Angeles 80s glam and aesthetic means, through hard rocker, achievement generations until today, in the Internet age.

What almost no one noticed – actually think it just me, Bruno, I noticed – is that the song list shows, almost perfectly, the way many companies in the Digital Marketing !

Mind Blow

See it does not make sense: the opening is with the classic Welcome to the Jungle , and after 10 other tracks, we reached the epic closing with Rocket Queen .

Needless to explain more, right?


Okay, so we go to the post!

Bem Vindo a Selva

The internet is a real jungle, full of harsh environments and treacherous creatures, but also with much beauty and hidden life!

When you start doing Digital Marketing, to deal with both, mixing caution to avoid dangers and enthusiasm to break through and conquer all that’s good.

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access equipment

The first chords are threatening, but soon the feeling of excitement takes your heart (and your brain).

“We have fun and games, we have everything you want, know the names and we are the people that can find anything you need,” says the letter.

It is the internet todinha! Or just Google, Amazon and Facebook, maybe.

Okay, the internet todinha then.

It’s So Easy

The first steps seem incredibly easy!

You enter the page educational materials Digital results , low everything that has to do with your business and realize you can put your hands dirty alone!

Other companies also offer blog and materials, it is an incredible deal: it seems that everyone is trying to please you.

Axl - GNR

Studying a little, it’s really easy to enter the world of Digital Marketing.

You ride your new site, writes his debut eBook, creates its first Landing Page, set up your Leads !

Nightrain and Out ta Get Me

“I’m sick like a train Leads, I’m feeling a plane,” you think, seeing your emails base growing and people giving you great information in exchange for your stuff!

Now just put the leather briefcase snake under his arm and start selling, right?

Slash - GNR

But then begin to emerge the first difficulties. His strategy generates Leads, but its sales team can not close deals.

Crash and burn is an expression in English to fail terribly, and you begin to feel that way.

“I never learn,” you think about having shipped in over one of these internet marketing fads.

“They just wanted to get my data to send me more emails, as I was innocent,” he concludes, hopelessly, while listening to a song of depressed phase November Rain Guns N ‘Roses.

Mr. Brownstone

Almost giving up everything, the output is re-read some of the eBooks that had downloaded and take a good look at the blog again RD.

One word stands out: persona . You thought it was enough to have a vague idea of who your target audience that the pieces would fall into place.

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access equipment

But no, not just do a little bit of “persona”, you have to go always doing more and more.

Even if you discover that this is a man who rises to 19h, takes the stage at 21h and will take a little drink to 23h on the bus, it’s him you have to direct their strategy Inbound Marketing .

Paradise City

Towards corrected now your company already knows who wants to sell.

And, look: in fact, starts selling!

It’s paradise, an amazing place where their grass – not your competitor – is greener!

The methodology really works and you decide to strengthen it in search of fortune and fame! Or more sales just to keep your business healthy and away from betting and gaming.

You see, even that is worth better align their sales and marketing teams .

My Michelle and Think About You

The results came back, sales are good and came the need to clear new areas of the jungle. His appetite for growth is increasing!

It’s time to do a thorough analysis, thinking very much about what went right and wrong in the trajectory.

Read the post What is ROI? Learn how to calculate the return on investment .

At this point in his walk in Digital Marketing, you may find that were the best times we can remember, but it is essential to take into account the tough times, especially those from the beginning.

Things can go wrong, will never forget!

Sweet Child o ‘Mine

The most successful Appetite for Destruction – and Guns N ‘Roses – is a song of love lost amid a torrent of weight and noise.

That’s how you should treat your customer: pass only good things and give all the attention it deserves, saving you from your problems.

Even if the company is the little girl from her eyes, the customer should always be at the center of their actions.

A successful walk in Digital Marketing requires you to worry about the satisfaction and success of those who buy your products or services – even if your company is SaaS.

You’re Crazy and Anything Goes

Undertake in Brazil are crazy thing, and many people will tell you that. In fact, it is not very far from the truth. This makes you try everything but not anything. Stay in focus, but take risks and try new things.

Have you thought about advertising on social networks?

Investing in growth hacking ?

Create email segmentation? Further customize your Landing Pages?

Maybe adopt a software that centralizes all Digital Marketing actions ?

It’s not crazy, you can trust us!

Rocket Queen

His company turned a rocket. The hard work and affection with customers much paid off! You may not have sold 30 million copies of its first product, like Guns N ‘Roses, but is satisfied with their numbers.

It is time, then, to celebrate and be absolutely sure that is the definitive way to success, right?

Wrong! Every entrepreneur knows what it takes to be constantly looking at the market and offering new customers and Leads, if only content or information. The important thing is to be always creating!

The lyrics of Rocket Queen is a bit like this: begins with a young man finding the owner of the world, but in the middle there is a turn to finish with “Never leave me, say you’ll always be there, all I ever wanted was for you know I care. “


Bonus track: Patience

“But that horror, RD, you will end this text in the bad?” Not at all!

Following the irreverent spirit of this post, we would like to remember that you can also be a rock star! Beauty may not rock, but in its sector of the economy!

The members of Guns N ‘Roses have worked hard for years to reach the success, a recipe that is for any market.

They also had a very good time in the process, something you can also do – just avoid some substances they used.

The secret also in Digital Marketing, is to persevere and use the right tools to get there.

And have a little patience, too.