Website speed on mobile devices will be a ranking factor for Google

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Google announced a novelty that reinforces the importance of investing in your site’s loading speed: from July 2018, page speed is a ranking factor for queries made through mobile devices .

To date, the loading speed of the site was used as a ranking factor only in searches done on the desktop.

The speed upgrade (or Speed Update , as it has been called by Google) will only affect slow pages. The same pattern will apply to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build them.

The search intent remains an important factor, then, according to Google, it is likely that a slow page continues and highest ranking players if you have relevant content.

“We encourage developers to think about how performance affects the user experience of your pages and to consider a variety of metrics to measure the user experience,” says the text.

According to the statement, although there is a tool that directly indicate whether a page will be affected by this new ranking factor, there are some sources that can be used to evaluate the performance of a page. The tools were given the Chrome User Experience Report , the Lighthouse , and PageSpeed Insights .

We’ve talked here on the blog about how to optimize the speed of your site is a crucial factor in your strategy Digital Marketing . This is because a slow website directly influences its organic rankeamento the results not only from Google and other search engines, as well as affecting the user experience. Now, this also applies to mobile devices.