We renew the Home of our Web: Learn how to do it.

2015: all ( products , services, enterprises , professionals) need a Workana we renew ours and did so with professional Latin American independent (Workana clear: D) and thought the case count is the best way to guide those who need to do the same or creating your first website.

By the way, it took two weeks in this process and the professionals involved were in 4 different cities in Latin America who live and work independent remote : D!

A little background 

Workana was launched three years ago as the first network of freelance work in Latin America , and became the largest in the region with more than 280,000 professionals and thousands of companies and entrepreneurs who develop their projects on the platform today, so we should start changing our website or tell you better what can be done on the platform.

This was, until a few days ago, the home of our platform:

Workana old home


The challenge 

Generate a home that reflected the spirit of Workana, identity we developed and easily and clearly allows to understand the thousands of new visitors Diaren come to our site, what they can serve as a platform for freelance work also this site must have these 5 key points for any web:


  • Responsive Design :  This means that the site design is balanced accordingthe type of screen and resolution, creating a quality experience.
  • Optimization SEO :  clean code, well structured and hierarchical load fast definitions of Titles (h1, h2,) defined according to keywords in which you want to focus on search engine optimization strategy.
  • Location:  This is a very important point, our site must have three languages, Spanish, Portuguese and English depending on the region in which you come .
  • Oriented conversion:  call-to-action defined, clear and focused on the target market and a fast loading site messages are key points for what any business needs with your visitors, make your goals, in our case: new records professionals who they want to work or users who need to publish a project to hire a freelancer .
  • Reflect our identity achieve the above proving who we are and what we want, because the most important is to generate links and affinity through ideas and vision.


How did we do it 

  1. We analyze the behavior of visitors  to Workana.com with Google Analytics , our database and Webmaster Tools and understood what are the strengths and weaknesses of our previous website were.
  2. We analyze  trends and studies on usability on the web.
  3. With all this information we made a mock-up in Google Drawings (to facilitate sharing and collaborative work) and one brief in Google Sheets. In these images you can see what we did

    This is a screenshot of our initial mock
    This is a screenshot of our initial mock
  4. It has long worked with Pol Guevara , an excellent independent designer with experience and create a project in Workana for the work on the design of the page, we publish the draft and invite directly (Workana you can receive proposals from professionals who apply to your project or you can also invite professional platform to implement).
  5. We share the mockup and document references Pol, he made his economic proposal on the platform and accept. We made a Skype to start working.
  6. In parallel, we gave high a project to look for a layout designer who had the link you can see as an example the project that gave high . We received many proposals, analyze their reputation on the platform and we exchanged a couple of messages with applicants until we decided on Leonardo Fo.  
  7. Pol we receive deliveries and were giving our comments until the final delivery including design view of the page dekstop and mobile version.
  8. We did a Google Hangout with our chief technology officer, designer, layout designer and I (who manage marketing) to tell what was done and what was needed and resolve any doubts.
  9. Receive partial deliveries of Leonardo and through an online document we were listing the corrections submitted by the designer, responsible for technology or for me, and thus we come to the final delivery of maquetador taking the result we expected in time and form .
  10. Parallel in another document loaded all texts in the three languages to translate into English hired Lucia Gerome and Portuguese Daniela Macedo .
  11. We set up the site in a development environment and did testing on multiple browsers and voilà:
Workana.com the first and largest network of freelancers in Latin America
Workana.com the first and largest network of freelancers in Latin America
So our home is on mobile 😀
Thousands of entrepreneurs use Workana daily to develop their business
How it works Workana?
It is very easy, you create a project and the best professional freelance Latin America are postulated.
Share Workana: D
We continue to grow thanks to the support of all shares Workana, it is now easier
We believe in the talent Lationoamericano
Clear and easy to transmit what is Workana.

We invite you to know the new home in Workana.com  and share it with whoever you want 😀!

These are professionals who lead the ranking of Workana in the areas involved:

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Ranking of typesetters

Ranking developer


Start your site or renews you have , hiring freelance professionals and following good practice will be easy, quick, effective and high quality!

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If you have any kind of questions do not hesitate to leave your comment on this blog or contact us via Twitter at @workana 


Thank you!


Carlos Carrascal

Director of Community Workana.