Videos from Facebook gain 4 new features: is your company ready to take advantage of them?

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After updating their algorithm to give more space to long videos in the news feed in January 2017, Facebook announced another change related to that content format. Now, they were launched new tools to make the user ‘s video experience “richer, engajadora and flexible.”

According to the statement , published on February 14, 2017 in social networking blog:

“People are watching and sharing videos on Facebook more than ever, and we are focused on continuing to improve the video experience.”

See what changes from now:

Videos with audio

Videos in the news feed were previously touched mute – to hear it, you had to click on the screen. But according to Facebook, people have watched more videos on mobile devices and expect that the recording has to be played with audio when the phone’s volume is on.

After the company test videos with audio in the news feed and get positive returns, the update will be applied to general users gradually. With the update, the sound increases as you go through the video and add the newsfeed when it is rolled up.

If the phone is in silent mode, however, will not be touched videos with sound. And if you never want the videos to be played already with audio, you can disable the option in the settings.

vertical videos

According to the statement, Facebook also seeks to make vertical videos look better on mobile devices.

Last year, the social network began a trial showing wider videos and also got positive feedback.

Now the wider format is available to all users who watch videos on iOS and Android.

Watch videos separately

“We know that sometimes you want to watch a video and also want to keep rolling your news feed,” the statement said.

So it is now possible to minimize the video that you watch for a view picture-in-picture (when a video is displayed while other programs in a small window on the same screen), which keeps playing in the corner while you read other posts in the news feed.

You can drag the video to any screen, and on Android, you can also watch the video even though the Facebook app closed.

Application TV

The company claims to have heard that “people want more options for how and where you watch videos on Facebook.”

Therefore, the network also announced a new Facebook application focused on TV sets. It will be released soon in the Apple TV app stores, Amazon Fire and Samsung Smart TV.

With the application, you can watch videos shared by friends or pages you follow, live videos most watched around the world and recommended videos based on your interests.

You can also see the videos you saved to watch later, and revisit those to whom ever watched, shared or uploaded.