Video marketing: what it is, reasons to fall in love with it and how to create an irresistible strategy in just 8 steps

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6. Use all possible channels

Surely when you hear the word “video” the first thing that comes to your mind is YouTube , and is normal. The truth is that having a channel for your brand platform is essential but do not just carry out your video marketing actions only there.

In fact, it is true that YouTube is the third most visited site in the world but did you know that the second is Facebook and that the latter rewards businesses that share native video from the social network ? The same goes for other networks like Twitter with Periscope , Instagram with Instagram Stories or  Snapchat  to name just a few examples.  

So research well what platforms your customers are and have presence in them sharing your videos on YouTube but also enTwitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

7. adds value, innovates and uses humor

Every day millions of videos circulating on the Internet so you have to strive to be different in order to desmarcarte the rest and this is achieved by adding value, innovating and why not using humor .

One of the best known video precisely for innovation and humor is the American brand that four years ago he invested $ 4,500 in his video presentation and in two days got 12,000 subscribers (customers) for service blades monthly shaving.

The key ad? As you can see below, the corporate video showed the CEO pacing facilities and showing all the benefits of club membership in an innovative, different, original and fun way .

Oh, and just as detail, it has more than 23.3 million views on YouTube .

Of course, you can get very good results for much less money 😀

8. Add a good call to action to your videos

Never post or share a video without added before one good call to action ; ie a word, phrase or button that invites users to take a specific action  you’ve previously defined depending on the goals you want to achieve: to visit the blog, comment, share networks, subscription or other action.

Your audience to do what you want, you have to tell and that is in the nature Call to Action or calls to action.

VirtualiaNet , for example, always includes powerful calls to action in the descriptions of their videos: 


And now that you know how to create a good video marketing strategy, are you going to get to work  and you will start implementing video marketing actions within your social media campaigns?

Actually, the video is a rough diamond that can change the course of your business so start to include in your digital marketing strategy and Join the many brands that have already begun to squeeze the potential of audiovisual content .

Because maybe in a year, you wish you had started today 😉

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