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With affordable SEO, you can create content for your blog or website. Have you understood how basic search engine mechanisms work? Do you already know how to choose the most optimal keywords for your texts? How to optimize your texts based on these words? And yet you still think that your content is not well visible in the search engine. Of course, there can be many reasons, but before ordering a comprehensive audit of your site, look at what your URLs look like. I know from experience that this is an element that we often forget, marginalize its significance, and do not pay too much attention to it. However, it has a very large impact on improving the visibility of our content in the search engine. That’s why today I will tell you how to create optimal URLs.

URL Optimization – Affordable SEO:

Clear and transparent URL

First of all, your URL should be as readable and transparent as possible. What do you mean by that? It should simply be easy to read. Both users and search engine robots should be able to understand what is on a given subpage by looking at the URL. Therefore, the URL cannot contain any unnecessary characters, numbers/numbers or words. So approach the affordable SEO expert.

Unique URL

URLs within one page may not repeat or duplicate. If you have two practically the same URLs on your site that point to different content or blog, it’s a good idea to modify one of them. See what content is hidden under these addresses and modify the URL so that it directly informs you about what we can find after clicking on it. 

Keywords in the URL

Yes, the keywords in the URLs still mean. Your URL should respond to user queries entered in the search engine window, so it should contain the most important keyword for a given bookmark/subpage. An affordable SEO consultant will provide you with steps to do that.

But remember not to overdo it, creating new pages for every single keyword, related to your industry or services, is not a good idea.

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Dashes in the URL

The individual words that make up the URL should be separated by dashes. Very often, instead of dashes, URLs have underlines that divide individual words. However, they share only seemingly, because underline is not according to Google the best separator. It combines words rather than divides them. Of course, there are many sites that, due to their overall power of SEO and authority, breakthrough to the top positions even with URLs containing such characters instead of dashes. However, if you are just starting to optimize and position your website, this is a newly created website, I personally advise you to implement dashes.


The URL should be as short as possible. If your URL is too long, Google will cut it in its own results in search results. In this situation, important information in your URL, e.g. keywords, may be cut off. This situation occurs especially when in the URLs we enter the entire titles of our texts. So what length can the URL have? Recent changes in the search results have introduced us to a bit of chaos by setting the length of URLs based on the number of pixels, not real characters. There are several affordable SEO marketing companies that you can reach out to.

Logical structure

There are two things to keep in mind when planning your site structure. First of all, regardless of the structure and principle of creating URLs you choose, it must be consistently applied by you throughout the entire site. Secondly, the URL structure should be able to respond to the site’s goals for the next 5-10 years. What do you mean by that? If you decide that e.g. categories of entries should appear in the URL scheme, then the scope of these categories should include and contain all possible content that you want to write before the next few years. There can be no situation, e.g. that one category changes into another or you divide one category into two or three. Of course, you can always redirect old URLs to new ones, but changing URLs and adding redirections frequently is not recommended. If you create a lot of content,

Current URL

Since we are already on the subject of redirects, be sure to check the number of URLs returning a 404 error, so that this page has been moved to a different location. We should keep track of the page in this respect and any URL that returns a 404 error should be redirected to a working subpage as soon as possible. Finally, remember to update your sitemap in Google Search Console. This will help faster indexing of new URLs on your site. Go for the best affordable SEO company.

Secure URL

Over the past few months, we have seen that the SSL certificate for secure data transmission has gained in importance. Google wants us to secure our sites as best as possible, which is why from the beginning of the year all Chrome browser users in the upper belt next to the name of such an unsecured domain certificate can see the information that the site is dangerous. And this is just the beginning of the changes that await us in this matter. It is therefore worth implementing SSL today.

How do you create an SEO friendly URL structure?

The positions of our website in search results depend on many factors, including the shape of the URL of our website and its individual bookmarks, because they appear in the search results. The appearance of URL addresses in most cases is a reflection of the structure of our website, the number of categories and how deeply embedded in this structure are landing pages containing our final products or services. By creating complex, complex structures, e.g. categories and subcategories, we can lead to the URL of a given product or service not being shown in its entirety as a result of the search. Research about the affordable SEO packages and choose the affordable best one. 

If the search engine does not see information about the product the user is looking for in the URL (because this information will be truncated), it may not display this page in the search results. Other problems may arise when we want to change the structure of our site. Frequently, the URLs of individual subpages change as the structure changes. Subpages of our site indexed by the search engine will lead to nowhere, and this may, in turn, lead to a sharp decrease in the position of our site in search results.

Structure and page shape

You need to know that the shape of the URL depends on the structure of our site. For example, if our site has two or three levels of category, i.e. the main category, its subcategory, and only the final product is at the end, then the URL of the tab where the product is located will have this shape: www.yourpage.pl/category1/category2/product

And although it may seem that when the question arises about which URL to choose for the product or service page – should it be www.yourpage.pl/category/product, or www.yourpage.pl/ product- at first glance, option two seems better, the answer to this question is not so easy. We must remember that categories can help us a lot in building the so-called long-tail keywords. By the fact that they will somehow expand our keywords (which is the name of the product or service) and modify them, the range of terms will increase, in response to which our page may appear on the search results list.

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We create a flat structure for product pages

So what should the structure of our website and mechanisms of building URL addresses look like so that the website is the most affordable SEO-friendly? There can be many solutions, today I would like to discuss two, in my opinion, the simplest. The first is to place product/target site pages immediately after the main page. This does not exclude the existence of categories that can be located on the main menu on the page. 

However, technically, although after entering the website, the user may appear to contain product lists, in practice they only refer to them via links. By clicking on a specific product, the user will be taken to the product’s landing page, located at a different URL. The advantage of this solution is the simple structure of product pages. Category URL addresses can also be used as places, in which we’ll place general keywords. If we have no idea, we can remove category pages from the site map, and indicate in the robot.txt file that the search engine should not index them. In this solution, however, there is no chance to use categories to build a long tail of keywords.

Multilevel Page Structure

And here we come to the second idea of ​​a multi-level structure of the site, taking into account the role of categories in building a long tail of keywords. Under this strategy, categories lead to products, form the URL path. The most important assumption of this strategy is, however, to very carefully analyze the keywords that we would like the page to respond to. Categories can contain both general keywords (responding to popular terms) and words that will support the construction of a long tail. The priority is for the site to contain only categories that are absolutely necessary for us. So let’s not try to create categories and subcategories by force, each time we keep in mind what our URL in the search results will look like in a given case. Remember that it can have a maximum of about 65 characters.

Finally, just remember that each time we remove a given product or category from our site, as well as whenever we rebuild it, e.g. changing our site, doing a rebranding, etc., we must first set redirects from links that in a moment will not be new. Preferably, they will be links to similar services or products. Just because a product or service bookmark is no longer on our site does not mean that it is not in the search engine. It can appear in the index for a long time and lead to a page that doesn’t exist anymore, which in turn affects our website’s SEO. There is a number of affordable SEO company out there. Get the best one!