Twitter Live is released: learn about the live streaming feature of the app

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Increasingly going beyond the 140 characters, Twitter announced an impressive update the application. Now, like other social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope, also born the Twitter Live.

The feature live Twitter aired publicly on 14/12. According to the company, it is the result of progress in integrations with Periscope, the application live stream  acquired by Twitter in 2015.

If it was necessary to integrate the profile of Periscope with Twitter, you can now make live video streams directly from your profile on the platform from a simple Tweet. The feature is available in the application updated versions on iOS and Android systems.

Real-time video functionality makes sense for Twitter, as the company has always positioned itself as a social network focused on what is happening right now.

How to make a broadcast Live on Twitter

Twitter has produced a video to explain to network users to transmit video.

It is very simple, just go in creating a Tweet button, select the “live” – ​​that will open a pre-transmission screen to frame view – and when you’re done, click “go live”.

Once the transmission starts, any user on Twitter and Periscope can watch the video and make interactions.

The video below explains how it works:

Since the launch of Periscope, the company has endeavored to develop a process of integration between platforms.

Today, platforms are fully connected, allowing that users transmit in both applications at the same time, regardless of the platform chosen for transmission.

Even with the release of Live Twitter, the company does not intend to discontinue Periscope, which currently has about 10 million users.

Other live broadcast applications

Live broadcasts are up among the most popular social networks in the world.

If it was possible to do this on YouTube, as we speak in the post How to prepare a broadcast on YouTube Live , the year 2016 was marked by Facebook launches Instagram Live and Live.

The different platforms launching similar features show a strong trend in the web, which is the transmission of content in real time, in a more “raw” and immediate. This gives the different alternatives professional to apply in their strategies Digital Marketing .