Twitter for freelancers positioning

There is much talk today of web positioning and the benefits they bring to businesses and professionals, but how to be around that without being a specialist in digital marketing? In this post we bring you some #Freelatips for you to create a professional Twitter account, you can publicize your work and manage connections with potential clients and colleagues🙂

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First of all, you need to create an account on Twitter . Given that the focus is make yourself known as a professional, complete your profile with all relevant information about what you do and what matters most :

  • Enter your real name or your company and create a user name that indicates what you do or who you are , for example: Account name: Juan Perez. Username: @juanperz / @ diseñosdejuan / @ diseñandotuweb
  • Selects a profile picture and cover , they are professionals. It can be your company logo or a picture. For the cover photo, you might think also add some information about your work.
  • Add your bio and link to your page or portfolio.
  • Do not forget to add your location to nearby people can find you more easily. See how we did with the profile Workana on Twitter 😉

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Once the profile is created, a little research about companies or professionals in your area, see who they are, how they communicate with their followers, who use hashtags and how they approach their publications.

With this information you can choose which accounts to follow and charting a strategy for your publication ( it is advisable to assemble several publications before starting to have variety and content ready for your first steps). For example, with Twitter you can participate in interactive discussions of interest and joining the contests Workana for Premium accounts😉

Take these #FreelaTips as a guide:

  • Alternating the types of postings: it is important not to be a spammer creates interesting and varied content not to bore your audience
  • Share your success stories – show your works
  • Post your ideas and suggestions to potential customers
  • Create polls or debates (it is a good way to create direct contact with your followers)
  • Share information and developments in the area that are useful for other professionals
  • always grateful mentions, retweets and comments. Also share content from other users. This creates engagement with your followers.
  • Use “call to action”: Be clear in your messages when you want to achieve something, for example, “Visit my blog”, “subscribe to my webinar”, “Inquiry today”, etc.
  • Be consistent in your publications, maintain fluid activity will help you stay connected and active in the twittero world.


twitter for positioning Freelancers 3


It is essential that all the content you share is a verified source and remember our personal stamp.

It does not matter if it is yours or another user content, always try to include some text or comments that add value to what you are sharing. Also ensures that the content is related to your area of activity and contain popular hashtags to help you make “visible” your publications (For example: #trabajoremoto / #freelancing – When users search on these issues could be addressed to your tweet). Once you manage to position yourself and be very popular, maybe consider Twitter give you some extra benefit .

Twitter provides various benefits at the same time helps you position yourself as a professional: it is a free, dynamic and easy to use social network that keeps you informed and in direct contact with professionals and companies in your area.

Put into practice these tips and asesórate with experts freelancers Social Media to promote your growth and start your personal marketing strategy! The world awaits you!🙂

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Pamela Miranda is Workana Partners Account Manager, you can meet your profile here