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“This business of having to produce content and still edit the material is too complicated” . I heard this phrase in several versions over my work as Implementation Manager at Digital Results and this is why I want to show how you can generate Leads by a simple rich material as an infographic.

In this article you will learn how to make an infographic in a simple and practical way through tools freely available on the Internet.

If you do not know how to make an infographic and generate Leads through it, stay with me. If you know, please share with us their practices. We are passionate about exchanging knowledge, experiences and best practices. Feel at home and enjoy reading!

What is an infographic?

Infographic is a type of visual representation that links short texts with figures and schemes in order to explain a content to the reader.

To mix text with images, an infographic stimulates both sides of the brain (right, responsible for understanding and interpreting figures, and the left, returned to logical reasoning and writing).

This combination makes it much easier to read than the understanding of the individual elements.

infographic digital marketing results

Infographic “How the Digital Marketing Results”

Why bet on an infographic?

Focusing on creating an infographic is interesting for several reasons. In short:

  • Because it is simple to make;
  • Because it can be used both to generate traffic as to generate Leads;
  • Why is democratic: all segments, whether B2B or B2C your company can do;
  • Because there is a growing interest in word infographic over the years, as shown in the chart below.

search for infographics on Google

Chart interest in word infographic over the years

If you are convinced, read this post and learn how to make an infographic following the tutorial below.

How to make an infographic

Check out all 5 steps to make a great infographic in detail:

Step 1 – Start a sketch without fear!

You do not have to be perfect as it is with practice that comes to perfection. Many people fail to produce an amazing content because they put the head that never make it.

Start writing in a document online ( Google Docs , for example) and answer the following:

  • For those who want to do my stuff ?:  Read the article “How and Why create a Persona” and create your persona through our Personas generator . It is important you understand who is the person you want to read your infographic.
  • What are the pains that my client has ?:  Think of the major pains he currently faces. Think about what could generate a great first value to your potential customer. Write the main customer pain on one side and what information would be of great value to him on the other side.
  • Why I want to do this stuff ?:  You’re making a material to attract Leads the top of the funnel or want to use it to convert the current Leads in sales? Having a clear goal will help to focus on what’s really important to be shared.

Step 2 – Lay your ideas and presentation order

Organize your ideas is as important as having them. Lay out somewhere (Google Docs, PowerPoint on a sheet of paper) which the most important information from being transmitted to your infographic.

Place the paper on which would be the title, subtitle, the topics to be discussed, the images and the Call-to-Actions.

Click here to see more tips on organizing your infographic .

Step 3 – Playtime designer!

Ok, you’re not designer. You do not know what color palette and your heart just goes off to think about editing anything. Do not worry. We are together and I will show you how important it is uncomplicated and (why not?) Fun to make an infographic!

a) Sign up for Canva.com

The Canva.com is a free online software that allows you to create graphic materials, as the infographic in question.

Photo registration screen / login Canva.com, software to make your infographic

b) Look for the “Blogging & eBooks” section and click Infographic

c) Choose an infographic template that fits your content

Choose a format that facilitates the creation of the infographic. If your infographic goes it is a “step by step”, for example, is worth seeking a model that already includes spaces that signal these steps.

how to create an infographic on Canva

Example infographic sequence with structure

On the other hand, if you want to make an infographic to explore facts and figures, look for a model that conforms:

how to create an infographic

Do not be worried that the model is not 100% aligned with what you want, because you can edit all content later.

d) Place the information in the infographic

Let your hand sketch and start replacing all the texts of your infographic. By placing the text within the infographic you will realize that plenty or lack space. Do not bother to decrease or increase the amount of text. Just think about spending what you had written into the infographic.


tutorial to create infographic on canva

To create new texts, rather than replace the template content, just click “Text” in the left menu.

Then click “Add heading” to add a title, “Add subheading” to subtitle and “Add a little bit of body text” to a text box.

step by step to create infographic on canva

Then just write inside the box and place the text.

Personalizing your infographic on canva

e) Position and format the text

Now that you have all the important information within your infographic’s time to position and organize the reading of texts and data.

To move the text place just drag the text box. Have to format the text simply click on the text box and access the toolbar to edit the font, size and color of characters.

infographic tutorial on canva

f) Use the company colors in your infographic

If you have a color palette – a set of specific colors that you use in your communication, how soon, website, company presentation, business card – recommend using L, because then you reinforce your visual identity. If you do not have, look for one that fits with your brand.


infographics compartivo

Take the quiz: Which of the two infographics above you think you have the face of the Digital results?

g) Place icons for easy understanding of your infographic

Search icons that will facilitate reading your material. To add them on Canva simply access the left menu under “Uploads” and click on “Upload your own images.”

Tip: save your icons in PNG (so images come without that white background).

creating infographic on canva

To add the icon click on the image that has been loaded in Canva.com left and reposition the infographic. voilà:

step by step to make infographic

Free icons Base:

Step 4 – Place a Call-to-Action on your infographic!

Be sure to finish your infographic with a good Call to Action!

infographic call to action

Tip: Choose only one! Decide what will be the next step of your player and direct it! Leave a well visible place and that makes sense, as you click on the banner were the completion of this material. See more tips on how to make a Call-to-Action button here .

Step 5 – Have a strategy for your infographic generate visits and Leads!

Once your infographic is ready you need to seek a place for him to live, right? You can generate traffic and Leads with infographics through various strategies. Here are a few we recommend:

a) Use the infographic to attract visitors to your website / blog

I recommend using the infographic to attract visitors to your website and blog when you have a more complete rich material that the infographic. For example, the DR attracts visitors with a blog post containing the infographic “Step by step Digital Marketing” . In this post let the free infographic for those who want to see it without the need to fill a Landing Page to access it.

Tip: write an article about the infographic theme and add it to your post. Do not forget to add a code to embedar your infographic!

embeddable code or “embed code” is a type of HTML tag used to embed files on websites. Through this code you can embed your infographic on his site.


embedar infographic

And why do it?

A embedado code increases the number of backlinks you can get to your infographic. Every time someone embedado paste the code within a site, your material will be displayed with a link that directs people to your website. The more clicks you have, will be in a better position your post in search engines.

To create a embedado code, copy and paste the following code below its infographic by customizing the fields for your site. Example:

“Enter your site:

<Textarea style = “margin: 0px 5.5px; width: 500px; height: 100px; “cols =” 50 “rows =” 2 “> & lt; a href =” https://resultadosdigitais.com.br/blog/infografico-exclusivo-como-funciona-o-marketing-digital-de- results / “& gt; & lt; img alt =” Digital Marketing results “src =” https://resultadosdigitais.com.br/blog/files/2014/02/Como-funciona-o-marketing-digital-de- results-415 × 1024.jpg “width =” 610 “border =” 0 “/ & gt; & lt; / a & gt; </ Textarea> “

If you do not know how to manually create a code for embedar your infographic, search the internet sites that create this code, such as Share Code Generator .

Another tip: Add sharing icons

Follow this tip regardless of the aim of the infographic (generate visits, Leads or build a relationship with your Lead). Add icons that allow their sharing in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

b) Use the infographic to generate Leads

If you are starting to work with Inbound Marketing may have the misconception that only eBooks are successful in this world. But keep in mind that it is possible to generate Leads with other rich materials such as infographics we teach themselves to do!

If you doubt, enter the live blog and see how Henrique Carvalho generates Leads through infographics. In his blog there are several posts such as this one on the  Psychology of Color , where he writes on the subject of infographic and offers high resolution in return for their email.

We did the same with the infographic “Why invest in automation” : produce a post on the subject and generate Lead with this pop-up below:

infographic popup

Also produced an infographic containing the main steps that an agency must follow to become a results Agency using Inbound Marketing. And this stuff is inside a Landing Page to generate Leads.

Another strategy is to provide its infographic in a kit with other rich materials. Thus we generate Leads with our Kit “Digital Marketing Guide” where we offer a webinar and an eBook, plus the infographic.

Tip: Choose a strategy that makes you safer.

The important thing is you can practice Inbound Marketing gradually and go breaking those fears to produce their own rich material. If you feel it is too little to offer an infographic on a Landing Page, try to put some other stuff together and mount a kit. Trust your potential!

c) Use the infographic to relate to the Leads

A good rich material, and generate value for your player, you can build and strengthen a relationship. Imagine the situation: you love psychoanalysis and this all entertained seeing an infographic on the various lines that exist in this field. You think, “How interesting, always wanted to do a course on this …” and boom! In the next paragraph behold appears a banner talking about a free class on a course of psychoanalysis online. You click and sign up.

Ok, regardless of whether you love or not psychoanalysis the point is: do not miss the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your Lead. Add a CTA that takes your reader to consume another offer and make your reader see more value in what you offer.

Tip: Add banners Call-to-Action to redirect the drive of your infographic to other offers!

Another interesting option is to place a QR code that directs the reader for a Landing Page (with a related provision), any bonus offer or else to your website.


Bonus: Examples (+ tips) of amazing infographics of our customers!

1) Infographic “10 signs that someone in your family is an alcoholic” | clinical Freedom

2) Infographic “Psychosomatic Voice” | Full Voice Studios

3) Infographic “The Clean Value” | RL Hygiene

4) Infographic “10 ways to engage their students” | Sambatech

5) Infographic “Phishing Analytics” | PhishX

For each infographic that PhishX produces, the company creates a post on the subject.

Pedro Ivo tips, the PhishX

  • 1) Set a target pubic, their personas;
  • 2) Set a subject that sensitizes these personas;
  • 3) Collect relevant data on the subject;
  • 4) Always use a degree of originality or innovation in titles, LPs and posts their infographics, always generates and arouses the curiosity of personas;
  • 5) Caprice in layout, graphics and images, while maintaining the integrated visual identity to your products and / or business;
  • 6) Generate your infographic always in PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH, the world is global and the default language is ENGLISH. This tip greatly expands your audience (and personas);
  • 7) Generate always an LP to download each infographic and always translate everything, even the fields and error messages;
  • 8) Promote intensely to their personas their infographics through blog, mailing, social networking, website banners, blogs in your area and signatures and e-mails;
  • 9) Make co-marketing with partners in your area and other areas such as: business, blogs, partners, marketing companies, among others. Its range extends rapidly;
  • 10) Keep footprint, ie, generate at least one (1) rich material per month in PhishX we generate infographics and ebooks always at least one (1) new material a month and we alternated between infographics and ebooks.

6) Infographic “Overview of Social Media in Brazil” | Aoki Media

Tips from Circe and Tatiana, the Aoki

What does the infographic be such a powerful tool is its ability to become a relevant and easily understood content. We are visual beings and, therefore, most people prefer to understand how a product or sector by means of images and graphics. So for those who want to prepare their first infographic, you have some tips:

  • 1) Select the topic to be addressed: Assess whether it is possible to present a topic in this format;
  • 2) Draft a script: set which points to be addressed and what the order in which it will be done;
  • 3) Search the data in reliable source: it is very important that the numbers are current and have credibility;
  • 4) Ask for help for a designer or use a software to help in the task;
  • 5) Redo and fits up that meets the objectives that it sets.

Conclusions and last message

An infographic is an easy content to be consumed and what can and should be used in its strategy to increase the volume of traffic to your website, generate Leads and strengthen the relationship with your potential customer. It is a material that you can start doing today online using free tools like Canva or Infogr.am .

You made some nifty infographic has a hint editing or any questions? Be sure to generate value sharing here in the comments! Love discussions because it add much to our knowledge and exchange experiences! Thank you for the company and will be waiting for the link to your infographic here😉