Tips for starting production of video content

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Simplify production

In our first RD Summit , held in December, the subject of the video production was discussed in the panel on content production. Vitor Peçanha, founding partner of Rock Content and one of the panelists talked about what he has done in the company. And what is striking is the simplicity of the production: to put a video in the air just a good microphone, a camera (which can be even iPhone or other smartphones), tripod, and getting adequate lighting. By accessing the video section of Rock Content can see the evolution of the company ‘s videos.

It is possible to produce good material using your computer’s webcam just – it’s what we do here in the DR with our Webinars, which are broadcast live and recorded to be available later. The most important thing is that the author has relevant information to share and can stream content from educational way.

The importance of light

It is possible to produce a good video even without a professional lighting equipment, but for this, evaluate carefully the entry of light in the environment where you will shoot. To start, do the recording in a place where there is also natural light, position the front of her host and perform some tests to find the best fit.

The second step is to start using artificial lighting. You can get a surprising result with only a cheap solution with simple reflectors. The final quality will depend on a lot of testing in the positioning of the camera and lighting.

This sensational post – with videos – App juice and Wistia, brings valuable tips for those who want to produce quality images using only an iPhone as a camera and an economical lighting kit. It is worth checking!

Taking care of the issue

Beyond the basics mentioned above, here at Digital also used the results ScreenFlow , a program that lets you merge slides, audio and video, but it is enabled only for Mac users.

For Windows users, the Movie Maker , Microsoft ‘s video editor is easy utiliização, especially for those familiar with the flaps Office. However, for advanced users it has some resource constraints. Other options for those starting can be checked on this post indicating the 10 best video editor for Windows .

Another alternative to the recording material is YouTube itself, which provides direct capture feature webcam free, as well as Video DVD Maker Free program.

Give attention to SEO techniques

From the point of view of SEO, some things work differently from traditional posts, that because Google can not identify exactly what content is being passed during the video. Thus, the title and comments gain extra weight and can also be a transcribed version of the video, as shown step by step Youtube .

Another way to contribute to the index – as already explained in the post about the benefits of creating an XML Sitemap for your company – is to use a Sitemap to videos allowing search engines able trackear information and content of your video so easier. Worth checking out step by step in Google ‘s Guide to Creating a Video Sitemap or WordPress plugin .

Invest in a good title

Besides giving special attention to the technical side, it is important to invest in drafting a good catchy title. Think your stuff is vying for a precious time of its viewer: if the title does not arouse the visitor’s attention, it probably will not risk watching.

To help create, think about what would stand out in your eyes and put yourself in the public that your company wants to achieve.

Duration: less is more!

The previous tip also applies to the length of time! As much as your company has extreme knowledge of the subject and many things to move on to your audience, focus on making short, exciting videos, with only the most relevant information. long videos tend to become dull and easily lose the visitor’s attention and share of chances.

Choosing the ideal lodging choice

After working in the production and editing of the video, there is a fairly common question: ‘where to host my video’? Basically are two ways that we can choose: the company’s website or third-party site, such as Youtube and Vimeo . And the decision between the two must be made based on what your company needs to focus on this point: to increase traffic to your site or maximize the views and audience of the material? In the first case, host the video on your company’s website is the most suitable. Have to have a larger number of viewers to your material, we recommend using third-party channels.

Start now!

Most companies working with video content so says the important thing is to start producing. After taking the first step, the evolution of content is happening usually when deploying small adjustments.

Ask for feedback from its workforce and analyze carefully the comments that arise from the general public after publication of the videos. Improving the quality, your business will gradually be able to extract the best results.

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