Thinking about how to Improve Your Workana experience? Watch our new video tutorials!

You want to get the most out of Workana ? You’re probably wondering, as a customer, why hire a permanent freelancer ? Or maybe as a professional you have doubts about how much to charge your customers ?

All this and much more is what we have to tell this month from WorkanaTV , with 5 new tutorials to help you get the most out of Workana , either as a client or as a professional.

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Tutorials for customers

Investing in SEO Workana

What do you know about SEO ? For anyone who has a business or seek to attract traffic to a website, SEO should be your right hand. Basically, it is the magic rule for a business grows , it becomes visible and profitable long term. In this video tutorial we tell a little more about this technique : what it is, why it is so important and how you can invest in SEO with Workana. And all this in just 5 minutes!

3 Key steps when hiring a freelance copywriter

Are you thinking about hiring a freelance copywriter ? In this video tutorial we share the three essential steps you need to keep in mind to ensure a good experience to outsource your tasks to a freelance copywriter . What you have to consider when hiring? How to evaluate your work? In this video we respond to all of that and more. Enjoy it!

Advantages of working with permanent freelancers

Why you should work with freelancers fixed? It is full of advantages and benefits that you probably do not know the world. So from WorkanaTV we take time to do the job for you, and you share the results in this video . And it is that permanent freelancers, if you choose them know well, are a guarantee of success for your business. Look at the 4 Reasons why you should work with them.

Tutorials for Professional

How to determine how much to charge the customer

Do you produce some stress, discomfort and complexity determine how much to charge your customers ? Any doubts when defining your strategy price? Many professionals do not know how to set their price either on projects with fixed price or hourly. And from WorkanaTV we want to help. That’s why we put together this video tutorial to learn how to define how much money should be charging your customers .

Tutorials for customers and professionals

Quick to start in Workana

Start in Workana is quick and easy for both customers and professionals. And from Workana we provide you even more along the way, especially if you just landed . That’s why we created this video tutorial that shows you how to start and be client or professional . How to create an account? What to consider when completing the profile ? How does the Control Panel work? What steps to follow to create a project ? How to find projects to work on , and what to consider when submitting proposals? To all this and much more you will find answers in this video tutorial . Shall we begin?

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