The Story of Customer Success and the Future of Customer Service

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You know what was the first sale of the world? Well, actually it was an exchange. In the early days of human history was common exchange agricultural inputs, results of fighters and anything else of value. And that is exactly where is based the development of Customer Success .

What is the value of your solution, product or service?

Today this notion of how much it what you offer is closely linked to customer success . But it took millennia for this appreciation became directly related to how your company deals with consumers.

Finally, we come to the point where it is no longer possible to get a second without taking care of the customer experience , which must be received by the company as a partner.

Before the great invention of mankind was the wheel. Now we witness the development of the largest contemporary art: technological solutions able to manage  the attention and customer service.  As the platform Zendesk . They do not let your company get a distant second user.

You want to know how we got here? So take a look at the past and realize that inventions, besides the wheel, brought on customer success.

large-scale production

There is no talk about the history of the Customer Success  without thinking that humanity went through the First Industrial Revolution (1760 – 1840) , thanks to the steam engine. Motorize factories allowed humanity to produce on a large scale. 

It was the first time you gave the market more than is needed for immediate consumption. And this logic deepened further in the period known as the Second Industrial Revolution (1850 – 1945) , in which it is not possible to list only one invention, but hundreds of creations that changed the course of humanity and business. 

Mankind learns to say hello

Transmit voice pulse was the great discovery behind the use of “hello”. After all it was necessary to confirm receipt of the signal emitted from the invention of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson his helper , the phone. So it was that we preferred a greeting rather than a code. 

Since the invention of the telephone there is a clear preference for simplifying and humanizing communication. That is why today we can say hello, hi, who speaks and it does not instead of greeting nautical ahoy . All this freedom is an indication of the presence of customer success idea where phone use is entirely appropriate for the user. 

Dial 0800

The 1960s brought more than hits  and the concept of disco. It was the time of creation and development of the first and large call centers . With the growth of companies throughout mainland territories, it was necessary to keep the customer cohesive.

Solve challenges even though geographically far from the consumer is made possible with the creation of free call centers. The reference number 0800 is today a major reference for the development of the Customer Care System (SAC).

world WWW

Today, having a SAC means going far beyond the phone. All this thanks to the World Wide Web (WWW) , established in 1991, and the existence of a digital world built from it. People began to see life beyond the physical environment surrounding them, can meet, eat and have experiences beyond the place they inhabit. 

The same logic had to be part of the relationship with the brands, that to appreciate the customer’s success, it had to adapt to multi – channel basis. Not only telephone and letters is made contact with the consumer, but in emails,  websites and social media .

SaaS and the cloud

If before the service needed to be multi today to client success, logic must be omnichannel . But this change the relationship with the consumer was only possible with the creation of the logic of SaaS ( Software as a Service ) in the early 2000s.

Market systems as services can currently be recognized as the founder activity of the concept of Customer Success . Before this type of offer, customer success had no name or care that today receives from companies marketing solutions for innovative business.

And innovation also means to follow market trends. Cloud computing  is the strongest of them . According to IDC , two-thirds of global companies already use the cloud. To have SaaS offerings, operate in the cloud is critical.  

Customer training

All companies that use cloud-based services need to be trained and guided to make the best of the solutions.

This is where the Success Customer  enters as a clear strategy to deliver a good customer experience  with the brand.

There are three main steps to success:

1. Onboarding : receiving the customer and provide the basic functions of the system;

2. Implementation : customize the software  according to the type of company;

3. Qualification and training : constantly empower client teams to the best use of systems.

It was in this context that Zendesk was born, as with cloud running in the veins and focus on customer service .

You have seen how the idea of Customer Success , as we know it today, has its roots in customer service and market transformation process. Thus, putting into practice the customer loyalty and successful strategy solves challenges before they become problems.

Great tools to change history and are able to transform the future of the service and the market. This is the case of Zendesk, and can be of your company as well.

Now that you’ve met the story of Customer Success , what do you think to start now to change yours? Check out the Customer Loyalty eBook and Customer Success , written by Digital and Zendesk results, and find out more about it!