The SEO Secrets Revealed by Vitor Peçanha at #RDSummit

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You still underestimate the power of a blog to generate business?

You think it’s too much work and that does not yield the expected results for your company?

Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Rock Content and frequent speaker in RD Summits (performed in all editions) do not think that way. For him, “the blog is the primary customer acquisition channel for Rock Content”.

Peçanha was in plenary RD Summit 2017 to talk about not only blog, but also about SEO .

The co-founder of Rock said something super valid and important for professionals today:

“The SEO is no longer about understanding Google is about understanding people.”

His speech was marked by four characteristics that, according to Peçanha, are part of the anatomy of a professional SEO:

  1. telepath
  2. Seductive
  3. lovely
  4. Good fighter

1. Telepathy

As well? special powers? So it’s easy!



Not so!

But what if we talk that everyone can have access to these magical powers?

Telepathy of a professional SEO means to read people’s minds and understand what they are thinking based on information they provide without knowing.

On the Internet, everything you do leaves traces. Your purchases, your Google searches, pages you visit. All your online behavior expresses its intention.

A good professional SEO knows about these tracks. And the methodology for this is the search keyword , which can be divided into primary and secondary.

Primary Keyword search:

  • Relevente for persona
  • High volume within the market
  • Head tail
  • Evergreen

Tools used: SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

In addition to these weapons, the speaker also gave a hint for people to visit sites of online courses. “If a course is being sold too, there are many people looking for it, which is a good sign,” he said.

What he recommends is to click on the course, see the whole curriculum and create a content list based on that.

Research secondary keyword:

  • Long tail
  • Strategy “covering” in SERP
  • Complement to the primary keyword
  • Structure the contents of the post

Tools used:  Keyword Tool Magic of SEMRush and Google autocomplete.

The secondary keywords are especially important for new blogs.

It is extremely difficult to rank for keywords head tail early on, when your domain has no authority.

With the secondary, you will eat the edges up to one day reach the core.

Finally, Peçanha said that, first of all, your content has to be good.

“There is no trick to help if the content is bad. good content is what solves the problem of people at the time they want. “

2. Seductive

To Peçanha, “every SEO professional has to be sexy.”

Your search results in the need to attract, seduce the person needs.

The best tip is to give close attention to the title and meta description of the post.

If the title is not flashy, not the person clicks.

If the meta-description does not make a promise, the person does not feel interested ..

But how to seduce?

  • Arouse attention
  • Show clear benefits
  • Use flashy words (now final)
  • Analyze results of AdWords and SERP
  • Repeat running

Tip: always make 10 versions of titles before publishing a blog post. “His first title will always be worse than the tenth,” he says.

3. Lovely

After they click the link to your site, it must be enchanted.

No one wants a relationship of “tinder” for a business; It must have a relationship with the audience.

In addition, the time spent on page influences the position of your post on Google. If people come to your site and return to Google search, they think like this:

“This guy promises and fails, he does not deserve to be Users ranked.”

Beauty! And how to charm?

One way is to use a technique called APP: agree, promise and predict.

  • Wake up: you get the post causing the person agrees with you;
  • Promise: you make a promise saying that you can solve the problem;
  • Predict: you foresee, saying ‘this post’ she will understand how to solve.

Another very cool technique is known as bucket brigade .

There is no specific translation, but in the content, means using short phrases throughout the text and make the reader feel like reading.

As well?

That’s right!

Short sentences and to arouse curiosity.

After all, who do not feel like reading further after a “not quite”?

4. Good fight

The SEO professional must always give his best, but he needs to know what competitors are also doing it.

It is essential to be prepared to always win. For this, you need to mount a defense plan.

The Peçanha plan has five points:

  1. social shares
  2. Strengthen the link buiding
  3. Update content
  4. Repeat search
  5. Assess competitors

Want to know more about how to make content that generates results for your company?

Well, I’m not exactly recommend a post of Rock Content here but an eBook that results Digital created along with the Rock.