The secrets to success working with events: Ouali Benmeziane tells which ones are at the RD Studio Summit

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Ouali Benmeziane founded Digital Marketing in the world, based in 14 countries.

But as the trajectory of many entrepreneurs, Ouali faced several turbulence along the way.

We started so early that already committed all the mistakes that young people need to commit. We went bankrupt twice. We received and lost investments. It has been an adventure with roller coasters, but the truth is that I would not change for anything

In the midst of trial and error, what would the CEO Ouali to 23 years in order to maintain the scalable business and an aligned team?

First, do not start an event company alone. Since founding the WebCongress, Benmeziane was present in all the meetings organized quite a challenge!

Also, strive to transmit culture and knowledge to others replace him is a second aspect important to meet the growing demand.

“To align the business, it is really necessary to create a culture, work processes in the event of production. And it requires scan everything, “he says.

See the full interview done with Ouali Benmeziane in Studio RD Summit:

Other points commentaries by Ouali Benmeziane were:

  • His career as an entrepreneur, before the creation of WebCongress to the present day;
  • The main activities of the company;
  • The WebCongress’s plans for 2018 and Designs WebCongress for the future.

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