The power of Google and the importance of being in the top search positions

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From Search for Information to Continuous Relationship: What Inbound Can Do for Your Business

Whenever I meet someone who asks me what is Inbound Marketing and what is the difference compared to traditional marketing, start explaining as follows: Imagine that you have a company and, instead of going out chasing new customers, are they They come to you. This is Inbound, the act of attracting and not “hunt”.

Of course, the explanation develops and Inbound goes far beyond simply attracting new potential customers, extending to the relationship, and sales analysis. But, yes, this is the first step: be found .

And to be found, nothing better than to be where people are. And when we talk about internet, the site more “inhabited” the most visited site in the world (according to the ranking Alexa ) is Google.

Have your site indexed in Google is a key aspect for a company to succeed with Inbound Marketing. But not only. The key turning happens only when your company reaches the long awaited first page.

Being on the first page of Google with a strategic keyword for your business means that many people will be accessing your site without you having to be promoting it. Furthermore, if well executed the strategy Content Marketing , this results in more Leads, more sales and more revenue.

And to help you to fight for the top Google positions, produced in partnership with the Master Agency, the eBook The Complete Guide of SEO , a 48 pages with best market practices for you to use Google as a traffic machine materials and customers. Click on the image below to view the content.

SEO works? It is worth investing?

Investment in SEO works and so very worth it. However, it requires that there be patience.

SEO works in the long run and in some cases may even take a while to start giving results. But when it starts, the trend is gradually increasing site traffic.

It is a long term asset, an authority that is being built and continues to offer benefits over time, even if eventually his company fails to invest.

As an example, we own Digital results. Below is a graph of organic traffic RD blog since its inception to this day.

organic digital traffic results

I can give another example to prove the thesis?

Another blog that I manage is the La Parola . When it was created in August 2012, had 0 (zero!) Via organic traffic visits.

With the passage of time and some SEO strategies developed, the traffic was increasing, and 4 years later there are over 40,000 monthly visits via Google.

organic traffic la parola

What to do to my site to rank well on Google?

We come to the question of a million dollars.

In a broader context of Digital Marketing , SEO is no longer a specific technique of acquiring traffic. That is, increasingly involves the Digital Marketing as a whole: content production, social media, media buying, email marketing etc. Whatever you do in your strategy influences directly or indirectly to be well positioned.

It is a fact that content production is the strategy that directly impacts the acquisition of traffic, but we can not close our eyes to the other fronts.

The logic works as follows: no matter what, but the more people know your product or seviço, the more they indicate your company to their friends and family.

Social Media, Email Marketing, ads on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads help to make the brand of your company better known. And when these people need to find your business, you can be sure that many of them will enter the name on Google

A case shown in Rodrigo Lossio the lecture at RD Summit 2015 (which you can watch here) showed how a press advisory work increased organic results of a company. This is because the generated exposure caused many interested in the company ‘s service began to search for it on Google.

In short: Everything is connected, and SEO strategies do not work alone for a long time.

Still, there are some techniques that you need to use on your website to come out ahead and differentiate themselves from competitors. In the eBook we talk about all of them, which basically can be summarized in three fronts:

  • keyword research;
  • On-Page optimization;
  • Link Building.

In addition to showing all of the three items above, the eBook also share valuable tips to start optimizing your site, useful tools, success stories in SEO and much more for you to turn Google into a powerful source of traffic to the site your company.

Read here the Complete Guide SEO and know in detail how the Google and how it can help your business grow.