The Power of Facebook Ads for Your Business: How the Platform Can Accelerate Results

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Produce valuable content and make it available for free via Landing Pages is an excellent way to generate Leads, attract the right people for your business and facilitate sales. On top of that we have spoken quite often here on the blog RD.

However, many companies are starting to find this difficult and sometimes time consuming. And that’s no lie: it is always good to keep in mind that a strategy Content Marketing works much better for the long term.

Still, companies are beginning to use the Internet to generate business can accelerate results and get ahead of competition, especially in a competitive market.

The paid media is a way to shorten this path and get faster to the right Leads. Many of our customers have achieved good results in sponsored campaigns on Facebook, currently the largest social network in the world and ideal to generate demand.

Some important data on Facebook:

  • More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook every month;
  • One of every five minutes spent by Americans on mobile devices to go on Facebook or Instagram;
  • 500 million Instagram users use the application every month.

Speaking of Brazil, some relevant indicators were presented by Ime Archibong, director of strategic partnerships social network at Campus Party 2016 Second Archibong are 99 million users monthly active only in the country. Also according to the executive, 8 out of 10 Brazilians are connected on Facebook .

If you want to know more, here is a lecture by Ime Archinbong, in full:

What is Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads is a robust media system pays that offers plenty of formats and targets to advertise businesses within the social network.

You know those posts that appear in your timeline with a subtitle in gray writing “sponsored”? Contents are promoted within the platform and were driven by this fan page.

Facebook’s ad platform offers different formats and business objectives for those who announces from tanned on the page, generating Leads to confirmation of attendance at events.

Why advertise on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads is a way to increase the reach of your company in the social network and generate more business with a highly customizable and controllable investment. That is, you can only invest as much and want.

Moreover, the complex algorithm Facebook today does not guarantee that all of your posts are seen by all his followers. On average, only 1% of your fans will see your posts.

And besides, advertising on Facebook allows your company to reach people who do not likes your page.

In short, some benefits of advertising on Facebook are:

  • Find people easily: you can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviors, or contact information;
  • Hold the audience’s attention: the ad formats are attractive, flexible and work on all devices and connection speeds;
  • Analyze results: ad reporting tools show you how your ads have affected your business in visual and easy – to-read reports.

In this post we will do a tutorial on how to get started. If this is what you seek, we recommend the eBook Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide, available here for free download .

3 common problems customers RD that Facebook ads can solve

With our experience serving more than 8000 clients – many of them running media stocks pay on Facebook – we identified three common problems faced by these companies.

1. Difficulty and delay in generating traffic only with organic actions, such as SEO and social networks

Yes, organic traffic is achieved over time and not immediately. As I said Fábio Ricotta in his lecture on RD Summit 2016 :

“SEO is a marathon, not 100-meter dash”

That does not mean it is not worth. On the contrary, long-term investment pays for itself over time. But if you need more immediate results, advertise on Facebook is a good solution

To resolve this issue, also read:

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2. Difficulty in finding the right audience on the Internet

You already know your audience? It has well-defined personas?

Not all companies know the right audience. Or they know, but do not find.

High segmentation provided by Facebook ads and interesting features like lookalike audience can help your company to find quickly the public that wants your product / service, but does not yet know you.

To resolve this issue, visit also:

3. Very slow buying Day in perception of many companies

The purchase journey is a basic path taken by all consumers on the Internet. However, this journey can be very slow and the time between the stage of learning and discovery to closing step can be long.

With funnel fund ads you can “cut short” the purchase journey and show their solutions for people who are ready.

  • Post Buying Day: what it is and its importance to the Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Tool Purchase Journey Generator

Bonus: examples of some customers that have generated RD Leads with Facebook Ads

To make things more convenient, we brought some real-life examples: are customers of Digital results that used Facebook ads to accelerate the generation of Leads.

Check out!

Psychologist Liliane Sanches

  • Leads generated: 179

eg facebook ads

Dance More Online

  • Leads generated: 104

eg facebook ads

Music Spine

  • Leads generated: 165

eg facebook ads

Above you see the power of Facebook ads and also some examples of customers who are using this channel to generate Leads. Is that you? Already do Facebook ads for your business?

We analyze the challenges that companies have to stand out from the competition and came to a conclusion: we needed to simplify the lives of marketers working with Facebook Ads.

Therefore, we developed new features in the RD Station : Facebook ads and integration with Facebook Ads Lead.

Now, you can create Facebook ads on RD Station and rapidly increase visitors to your Landing Pages.

In addition to accelerating your results, your company will also gain productivity, perform multiple actions in a single platform.

Already the native integration with Facebook Lead Ads allows you to generate Leads on Facebook itself and bring them easily to their base in the RD Station, avoiding manual or external integration tasks. Simply connect your accounts, combining the fields and go!

To learn how to check the post How to make an effective campaign and generate results with Facebook Ads Lead .

And to experience the functionality now or find out more details, visit .