The non-measurable value of content marketing

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Those who follow our posts here at Digital Results may have noticed that we are great activists of the measurement. We believe that getting to measure the business opportunities created by a blog is extremely powerful and surely helps a lot in finding the best cost / benefit results.

However, we also have to give credit to a very little measurable advantage of digital marketing through content: understanding your customer on the subject of your business and your product or service.

Have you tried to calculate how much time and money can be saved if the client already knows what its value and where you can add more? Have you thought about how many meetings unless your dealer will need to do because the customer is already engaged with your story?

Sometimes the connection is so great that even not knowing exactly what you do, the proper client imagines ways to work with your company in any way and contacts to seek ways to become a partner.

So our tip is: try to measure everything that is possible, but in time to calculate the return on investment for your company, remember a few gains that are beyond the tip of the pencil.

Article inspired by post Junta42