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An education institution provides learning students who seek it. But for this learning happens beyond the concern with the methodology and structure, whether physical or digital, the institution must also have a healthy financial management and care for the attraction and retention of students.

That is, maintain a healthy education institution means to think and perform numerous activities in different areas, such as educational and commercial – that although distinct, reflect each other.

Given this and the numerous transformations that the educational setting has passed, the different profiles of education institutions come increasingly, improving his side business and using the digital medium.

To assist in this process, there are several tools, many with specific features to the Education segment. These tools make the daily lives of more agile and automated institutions, for help to redirect resources and allow members from different areas of IE can better define its focus.

And, in order to map these tools, we join the Rock Content to carry out research TechTrends: Benchmarks tools for education institutions . The data in the generated report were collected through an online survey, answered by 223 education institutions from all over Brazil, from 19 to 20 May 2016.

With this data it was possible to identify in which areas the most institutions invest in tools and what they are failing to gain by not using some tools as allies in the daily lives of the institutions.

One example is the Digital Marketing tools, we address later in this post. They leverage to attract students, help with retention, improve the relationship and, consequently, increase the profitability of institutions. If your institution does not use them, see what you may be leaving to conquer.

Digital Marketing Tools

With the increasing number of schools, universities, the growth of distance education and open courses, the competition was also amplified and it potentiated the crisis, which also affected the budget of the people returned to investment in education.

To assist in these matters, among IEs Tech Trends survey participants, 87.9% of them use at least one Digital Marketing tool . Despite the recent adoption of these tools for this sector, over 40% of that adopt already they see how this type of solution considerably improves the results.


Among the digital marketing tools, marketing analysis are the most used by education institutions – 68.2% of IEs use some analysis tool. Of these institutions, 98% opt for Google Analytics.

This shows the need perceived by IEs to measure the data and results of their actions, as the reports offered by these platforms facilitate the evaluation and understanding of the engagement of visitors to the site (how many people are on your site in real time, where they came from, what they’re viewing, which way to run IE within the portal).

What your institution loses by not using

It is through these data that the institution will be able to give better directions in their strategies, know what draws more attention of your target audience on your site and be able to direct the appropriate efforts each goal. If you do not analyze, do not know precisely what works or not.

Landing Pages

With IE personas visiting the other website, it is necessary to put in place strategies that take simple visitors to potential students. For this, a key part of strategies linked to the Inbound Marketing is the provision of Landing Pages, or conversion pages.

According to the survey, about 32.7% of respondents use tools to build landing pages, and among these, over 57% use the RD Station .

What your institution loses by not using

Connected to a relevant supply the needs of the target audience of the institution, a Landing Page has a form in which prospective students will leave some information relevant to IE, such as name, email, age, in exchange for what is being offered.

By filling out this form, the visitor becomes a Lead, ie an opportunity at the close of registration. This type of visitor conversion in Lead is less invasive and information left on page enable it to be established a relationship between the institution and the Lead, by sending content to be interesting and appropriate to the profile of this future student.

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E-mail marketing

According to Tech Trends IEs 56.5% of survey participants have adopted some email marketing tool, and RD being Mailchimp placed in the first station preferably of respondents with 34.9% and 33.3% respectively.

What your institution loses by not using

After the visit to the institution’s website, their social networks, blog and conversion on a Landing Page, a potential student can get lost before the closing of a registration if it is not established a relationship with him, and the email is an important channel for this.

It’s the email you can do the official communications of their institution, maintain the engagement of students in their courses and warn your Leads on releases and promotions that will drive the closure of enrollments, for example.

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Content Management Platforms

Within the Inbound Marketing, the Content Marketing is a very important strategy. So a content management platform allows the administration of a blog, creating and editing materials are simple and objective activities. However, the adoption of platforms like this happens in only 13% of the interviewed institutions, and the Rock Content platform the most popular among users, with 55.2% of the preference.

What your institution loses by not using

One of the great challenges of educational institutions when it comes to the content production is in the management of this production and better utilization of what is ready, such as lesson plans, study tours and even reviews. Having a management platform for this case can help give the various arterial runoff stagnant actions and results achieved not just because his IE has luggage to attract students, but does not use it .

SEO Analysis

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically the optimization of a page or a site so that content is best interpreted by search engines. Already an SEO analysis tool helps you understand how the search engines are seeing your site, which helps in the design of next strategies.

According to the survey results Tech Trends for Educational Institutions, 35% of IEs to adopt an analytical tool SEO, 76.9% opt for Google Search Console .

What your institution loses by not using

To a position of authority education institution in the educational market, rankear well in Google organic search is essential. This tool assists in profile search keywords, website optimization through plugins and analysis, among other things.

Rely on these tools, combined with a good optimized content production work can ensure the institution a good position in search results on the Internet and result in reaching potential students who would find the IE by other means.

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Social Media Monitoring / Management

With this type of tool, you can pre-schedule posts, monitor in real time all references to the institution in social media and analyze the reception of the content and the growth of the base of followers, but the responding institutions will Tech Trends, only 29.1 % adopt a tool for this purpose. Of these, 46.2% use the RD Station.

What your institution loses by not using

For many education institutions, social media is the first step in Digital Marketing . It is through them that the IE begins to expand its image among your target audience, however, as the research shows, there are few IEs that make a strategic use of social media by means of monitoring and management tools.

When this use and this monitoring are made strategically, social networks enable much more than the vanity metrics like tanned and shares. They become an excellent channel for converting followers Leads and relationship maintenance, which assists in advancing the purchase journey that future student .

Marketing Automation

The tools Marketing Automation can be considered an amalgamation of several other tools that facilitate routine actions aimed at Digital Marketing and enhance the generation of results in one software.

Although the educational environment is still growing in the use of digital marketing strategies between the institutions participating in the survey, 30.5% have already adopted some automation tool. Of these, almost 70% use the RD Station.

What your institution loses by not using

These tools have several vertical features such as Landing Pages, Email Marketing and email automation flows, which facilitate and scale management of contacts and the maturing of prospective students / Leads in buying journey through a personal relationship .

With all these resources in one centralized platform, the institution increases intelligence and integration of Digital Marketing actions and also gains in productivity, since the whole process is done in an automated manner and through predefined triggers.

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To deal with the new needs present in schools, colleges, distance education institutions or free courses, the adoption of tools comes as a facilitator. To produce research of the education sector benchmarks, seek the tools most used by education institutions, as well as understand how they impact on the results.

There is no formula or a perfect combination that can be replicated to each institution, since the individual profiles differ much, however, fail to use tools that can assist in day to day ends up being a long-term loss.

Despite this adoption not be high in all categories, the IEs that invest in technologies to improve its management and efficiency in attracting students, closing enrollment, project organization, among other activities already achieve better results and are faced with the benefits these uses, since it is at least differentiating in the market.

If you want to know what are the tools discussed in other categories of the Tech Trends for Educational Institutions, be sure to check the full search here and find the best options for your institution invest.

Enjoy and discover the RD Station , a complete platform for your company to create a true growth engine.