The most popular Digital Marketing tools used by Brazilian companies in 2017

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As companies go turning to generating Leads , relationships with potential customers etc.

It is in this scenario that growing demand for the use of tools: they come to automate many manual tasks that end up taking a long time to run and difficult to prioritize more strategic activities. With the tools, you can handle a large volume of information, accelerating the processes and thereby leveraging results.

The Digital Marketing tools, specifically, are examples of solutions that companies have sought to reduce the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) . Be in the implementation of advanced or basic strategies, they have been used for many different types of business.

To get an idea, the TechTrends survey this year conducted by Digital Results and the Rock Content, shows that 80.4% of companies that work with Digital Marketing use at least one tool that category.

So in this post, we decided shows which are the Digital Marketing tools most used by Brazilian companies (according to research), and how they can help streamline and optimize the actions of your company in the online channel.

According to TechTrends, the Digital Marketing tools commonly used in Brazil are:

  • Marketing Automation – RD Station Marketing;
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp and RD Station Marketing;
  • Landing Page – Marketing RD Station;
  • Content Marketing – Rock Content;
  • SEO – Google Search Console;
  • Analysis – Google Analytics;
  • Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress;
  • Monitoring of Social Networks – RD Station Marketing.

Marketing Automation Tool

The Marketing Automation tools include several features such as Landing Pages, Email Marketing and email automation flows, facilitating and climbing Leads management and maturation of these sales funnel.

This means increasing the volume more prepared Leads to a sales approach and also promote the team’s productivity gain since the process can all be automated through predefined triggers.

According to TechTrends 2017, 58.5% of respondents use at least one marketing automation tool. The preference is for the RD Station , with 50.9%. Then, with 28.1%, is the use of own tools.

Email Marketing Software

The Email Marketing is one of the main channels of communication with customers. Once the visitor has the first contact with your company and becomes Lead is through Email Marketing you will communicate with him by offering more content until it is ready to be addressed.

Our research suggests that 80.4% of respondents use some Email Marketing tool . The most widely used is the MailChimp with 33.5%, followed by RD Station , 32.2%.

Tool for building Landing Pages

The Landing Pages are pages that are designed to receive visitors and convert them into Leads. It is from this conversion that the visitor is transformed into contact or business opportunity.

Through Landing Pages, we offer relevant materials or other trading currencies to convince the visitor to provide information such as name, email, phone and company.

This makes it possible to establish a relationship with Lead, sending him more content according to your profile and needs.

Research has shown that 61% of companies surveyed use some of Landing Page creation tool. Of these, 44.2% using the RD Station .

Content Marketing Platform

Many companies still do not use platforms to control and document the planning strategy and content production.

These tools can greatly optimize this process as possible from the blog administration, to creating demands for the production of posts, saving time and increasing efficiency.

According to the study, 44.3% of the companies surveyed use some of these platforms. The most popular is the software of Rock Content , with 41.3%.

SEO Tool

Optimization tools for search engines (Search Engine Optimization or SEO ) aim to help companies improve their ranking in search engines like Google.

These platforms have the most varied functions such as keyword research , website optimization through plugins and analysis.

Even so, there are still many companies that do not invest in this type of platform. The survey shows that 60.6% of respondents use some such tool. Of these, 69% turn to Google Search Console .

Platform Analytics

Measure the results of their online actions is essential so that you can get the best of your business data. This can be done through the use of analytics platforms.

Among the advantages of using this type of platform, are the evaluation and understanding of the engagement of visitors to the site.

This makes it possible to measure the return on investment (ROI) of the actions taken and detect which actions and strategies are generating results more to attract and engage the public.

Our analysis suggests that 44.3% of respondents use some kind of Analytics tool. The Google Analytics is the preferred tool of the vast majority, being used by 93.3% of respondents.

Content Management System (CMS)

To manage the publication of content on the websites and blogs, it is essential to have the help of a Content Management System (CMS).

These tools allow you to create, edit and publish all types of content, and even attach content published on other platforms, such as videos YouTube or podcasts.

Of the companies interviewed in our study, 63.1% said they use some Content System. The first place went to WordPress , which is used by 72.6% of those who claim to use these tools.

monitoring social networking software

social media monitoring systems help in optimizing these actions on the networks. These tools stimulate productivity gains through the pre-scheduling posts, enable follow up of brand mentions and measure engagement and response to content and base of followers.

Still, most companies still do not use any tool to monitor their social networks .

Only 48.4% of respondents in the study use some of these solutions. Of those who resort to them, 38.8% use the RD Station , followed by Hootsuite , with 20.5%.


We can see that the use of digital marketing tools is becoming more popular, there is still room for companies to improve their processes through these solutions. And we also realize that there is opportunity for businesses that want to create new technological solutions for Digital Marketing.

We hope we have helped you to understand and analyze what are the best Digital Marketing platforms to boost your business.

However, tools to help businesses improve their results are not limited to Digital Marketing: there are other areas that also benefit from such programs and that were addressed in the report TechTrends:

  • sales
  • Communication / Help desk
  • ERP / BI / Project Management
  • Software development
  • Collaboration / Productivity suites

Therefore, access the full report to also hear about the solutions adopted by companies in these categories, and other insights into the use of such software. Download here the TechTrends 2017 and know the most popular tools in the market .

Enjoy and discover the RD Station , a complete platform for your company to create a true growth engine.