The importance of having a consolidated contact base to take the next steps and increase sales

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Who works with marketing and sales know how it is common to hear “no” when trying to sell a product or service.

When a vendor approaches a Lead often receives a negative, even before getting to expose what the product or service and what problems it can solve.

Thus, often all the work and time invested in the Sales approach are thrown away simply because the person is not willing to listen to what the seller has to say. In the eyes of the seller, that Lead has no profile to buy the company.

But that is not always true. Often, although the Lead does not want to get your product or service at that time, he has the profile of your ideal client; just is not ready to buy yet.

But how?

That’s where the contact base .

Content: the beginning of everything

As we said, many people are not at the time of purchase, but that does not mean do not suffer from problems that your product or service solves.

So you need to show them who suffer from this problem, what benefits and ways to solve it and only then prove that your product or service will help them. This you do by creating relevant content.

Thus, his speech – his blog, email campaigns and publications in social networks – should focus on providing useful content to the client, regardless of the purchase moment he is.

But how do I mount a contact base?

By creating this relevant content that addresses your audience’s problems, he will be interested in this material. And as you are offering this valuable content, you can ask for something in return: contact these people interested (today, the most common way to request that contact is asking for the email). Those who really want to better understand the problem and how to fix it will address in return.

So, you begin to build your database. But this is just the beginning of the journey.

Consolidating its base with relationship

Not because you got the contact of these people (who became his Leads) that the battle is won. They showed an early interest in what you have to say; but to achieve them, we need to deepen the relationship.

This you will do through channels, among which stands out the Email Marketing .

Using email, you will continue nurturing their Leads with relevant content and increasingly deepened, leading them progressively closer to its solution. At the end, they should realize that your product or service is the best alternative to solve the problem.

The importance of a consolidated contact base

But you may be thinking, why have all this work to lead Leads until the time of purchase? What are the benefits of this approach? Would not it be easier to allocate efforts and address only those who already show ready to buy?

The truth is that there are several advantages in adopting this strategy. These include:

  • Attract and retain potential customers who are not in the right time of purchase, avoiding the “all or nothing”;
  • Reduce the friction in the sales funnel by increasing the number of concrete opportunities generated by the marketing area;
  • Shorten the sales cycle by education and encouragement to Leads;
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of the sales team to deliver more prepared Leads at the right time;
  • Increase customer retention after purchase, also through education and trust. In a market increasingly made up of recurring revenue business and the cost of a new customer is 7 times that of retaining an old, relate continuously with your contact base seems the best choice to make your business survive and thrive.

However, since the generation of Leads (obtaining of potential customers contacts) the starting point to consolidate its contact base, some companies may think that the easiest solution would be to buy a mailing list and thus have to start the relationship with a lot of people.

Indeed, this seems the easiest choice, but definitely not the best. Here’s why.

Why buy mailing lists is NOT the solution

Below, we list some reasons why it is not good to buy lists. To delve into the subject, read the article why buy mailing lists is a great bored and learn to build your list with the post as building a list from scratch emails .

People do not know and have not shown interest in your company and its products

These people have no idea how your company could email them. This causes a bad impression on receipt.

This is because any unauthorized message is frowned upon interruption, and that is not consistent with the best practices of Inbound Marketing . This interruption increases the chances of you being marked as SPAM, damaging the reputation of your company and its close shots.

There is also the issue of the negative impact can go beyond the emails. For example, people who received their unauthorized form of email can go to social networks complain, causing a domino effect that bad impression.

The lists usually have very bad quality

People with your address on those lists will most likely receive emails from several other companies, which increases the chances of your email getting lost among other or even be marked as SPAM .

Furthermore, these lists often have many non-existent or have disabled email. shooting services identify this “mistake” and begin to sort your submissions with the low reputation label.

Usually the quality is also bad in terms of audience . Included are all kinds of email and end up entering profiles that bear no relation to the segment of your business.

No Email Marketing service with reliable reputation will authorize the sending

According to the two topics presented earlier, purchased lists have spam tagging rates and very high delivery errors, which damages the reputation of the sending server.

Knowing this, this type of service always prohibits the import purchased lists, seeking to ensure its reputation and quality in deliverability .

Therefore, either the service will not authorize the sending, or authorize all, but, on that basis, may have a bad reputation with email providers and therefore have a low deliverability.

For all that, the best way to create a strong contact base and that can generate significant business opportunities is to produce valuable content for your audience, use a way to get the contacts that audience and build a relationship with him.