The best way to plan a content strategy: Rafael Rez’s tips at Studio RD Summit

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Do you know why your company produces content today?

If your answer is only “to generate Leads ” or “to appear on Google” is a sign that you need to think more deeply.

For the expert in Content Marketing, Rafael Rez, one of the major mistakes today is to produce content to “meet table”.

That is, create content only to rank in Google or just to be sent in an automation without having thought much on the persona of pain.

Rafael Rez is a leading name in the subject in the country today. He is the author of Content Marketing: The currency of the XXI Century and founder of the New School of Marketing .

In RD Summit 2017 lectured on Psychology of sale conversion tactics ignored by Inbound Marketing professionals, as well as being one of the respondents in Studio RD Summit.

For the speaker, all content strategy needs to be based more on real problems than tools.

Grab the last 5 Leads that did not close with your company, call them and ask, ‘why you did not choose us?’. You will map a series of holes in your process, your relationship, your content and will be able to develop content to plug these holes.

Complementing the argument, Rafael Rez also spoke of the importance of the analyzes in the Content Marketing and that this can not be underestimated.

But it is necessary that they be made not only the result but also in the planning.

The analysis I believe it is even more important in the planning phase than in execution. Because if you look wrong, you will run wrong.

See the full interview with Rafael made in Rez Studio RD Summit:

Other points commented on by Rafael Rez were:

  • What is the tactic that more is being ignored by Inbound professionals today;
  • How to differentiate the market with a strategy Content Marketing ;
  • It should be a process of analysis, the first consumed content to the sale;
  • What is the role of video content today;