The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization – PART 2

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Basics of Search Engine Optimization: Link Building and Content Marketing


Regarding “What Is SEO and the way It Executes” article would not be complete without describing each one of these factors. Link building is an important basics of search engine optimization practice, as search engine tactics are highly concentrated on finding high-quality backlinks when choosing which web sites should be ranked and granted authority. For example, basics of search engine optimization practices are worthless if zero attention is paid towards content marketing and link building.

Have Excellent Website Architecture

Good quality SEO optimization even requires that your site be easy to learn and understand by both search engines and visitors. Considering this, our recommendation is that you organise pages with efficiency in mind. One more tip in this way is to make an effort to link between the pages on your site because this helps search engines better realize what each page talks about, thus listing them all.

Don’t Overlook Meta Descriptions

Search engines do not often show the meta description of a site, but once they do, most visitors are likely to read it before choosing with certainty if they’ll access the website in question. So, consider obtaining a detailed and high-quality meta description. Don’t fail to add a major keyword so you can stick to the entire basics of search engine optimization principles.

So what exactly is SEO in terms of content marketing and link building? Most certainly, before we explain how link building performs, you should observe that search engine tactics are sophisticated sufficient to detect extreme and artificial link building strategies. Therefore, purchasing links or just copying and pasting them all with respect to manipulating rankings is often a practice that will probably get your site penalized.

To begin with link building, basics of SEO Course Ahmedabad dictates that the 1st step is to detect, study, and understand your prospective linking audience. Because of this, look for other sites or influencers associated with your niche who’re likely to promote your content. Once you’ve a list of feasible linkers, consider what can be done to offer value to their visitors. Then, merely obtain the suitable content. If you are lucky, it would generate a very few high-quality links.

In some instances, you should reach out to successful sites and ask if they are interested in posting your content in return for backlinks. Avoid exaggerate this, since Google SEO techniques favor organic backlinking more.

Keep in mind that link building normally takes time and might test your persistence.

Several other SEO Tips

At this point, it should be clear that seo is a complicated niche, filled up with a variety of approaches. Here are a few other tips worthwhile considering when preparing a site’s SEO technique and focusing on how SEO works:

User-Intuitive Website Design

While search engines lack personality, sets of rules can definitely recognize if a web page is improperly designed. That way, ensure that your web site is responsive, instinctive, and simple to navigate through. All characteristics should be shown accordingly, and users should not waste time seeking relevant information. One common mistake often made by web sites is publishing links that get you to cracked pages, or nowhere. Stay clear of doing this!

Quick Loading Speeds

We are currently in the era of speed-therefore in case a website is not responsive, or it’s loading time is too slow, probably both users and search engine algorithms may avoid it completely.

Mobile Friendliness

This is among the bigger but unpredictable basics of search engine optimization rules. Google and various search engines are highly excited about websites which were mobile-friendly. It is recommended to note that the vast majority of internet traffic nowadays arises from mobile sources; hence you’re missing out big time but if the website is not optimized for mobile devices.

Content Uniqueness and Eliminating Duplication

It’s best to avoid duplicate content anytime you can. Search engines frequently think of duplicate content poor quality, which will affect your SEO results. Thus, it’s considered the most basics of search engine optimization to ensure all of your content is unique and therefore no data is repeated unless it is truly necessary.


The Robots.txt file is liable for asking search engines not to crawl a certain section of a web site. Therefore, check out the file to find out whether any sections of your site are blocked. In particular, you may use the file to inquire about search engines to stop listing duplicate content.

Expecting Results too early

Search engine optimization won’t provide results over night. It is a consistent process that needs dedication, process changes, with an understanding of the search engine algorithms are seeking for.

All About SEO: Measuring Results

Measuring SEO results is an important practice to make sure that the strategies to be implemented are really working. Therefore, for those who have to measure results, there are many aspects you need to keep an eye on.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is usually a clear indicator as to if the SEO attempts are succeeding. There are a lot of tools devised for this purpose, but Google Analytics is probably the most popular ones. It is also free! Generally if the SEO attempts paid off, you have to see a growing trend of organic (not paid) traffic.   

Keyword Ranking

A powerful SEO strategy should preferably improve a site’s ranking for particular focus keywords. Still, don’t worry about it if the rankings are not the best. Betterment will come eventually. Additionally, the key purpose of being aware of what is SEO is not to rank keywords, but alternatively to push traffic to your site, hence improving sales and profits.

Organic Leads and Conversion Rates

The level of traffic, or ranking in search engine results, does not really matter if you are getting organic prospects and are truly making a profit. There are plenty of tools designed to manage sales, organic leads, and conversion rates. Google Analytics is an excellent solution in such cases as well.


You should certainly be well-versed in the most essential basics of search engine optimization worthwhile considering, based on every thing that’s been laid out so far. There are tons of methods available; and that means you must be sure to keep on searching to get what’s suitable for your niche. At the same time, the web is loaded with tools which can help with link building, keyword research, content marketing, and on-page Seo. A quick search for “Basics Of Search Engine Optimization YouTube” gives you a decent amount of interactive, well-made explainer online videos worth to check out.