The art and science of selling on social networks

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Having a sales strategy  through social networking is the closest thing to having a hidden camera between your customers, prospects and competitors” – Jim Keenan, The Rise of Social Salespeople ( “The rise of sellers in social networks” ).

In a world where the buyer has all the power, sales professionals must adapt their traditional techniques to fit the new way to buy from current prospects.

In fact, in 2015 it was reported that 57% of purchasing decisions are made before a prospect is willing to talk to a sales representative . This means you have very little time to interact with a prospect, understand their needs and identify how you can offer a solution, before it has taken a decision on your own.

Which means having to implement a sales strategy  on social networks? Marketing on social networks makes use of your professional brand to include in your processes , people, information and appropriate relationships.

As a sales professional, you need to develop a customer-focused strategy and customize the sales process to fit the context of the buyer. Marketing on social networks supports this effort. Sales professionals can connect with prospects at an earlier stage in the path of the buyer, build confidence and initiate relationships through interaction in various social networking platforms.

However, creating a balance between connecting with new prospects and creating important relationships is an art and a science that, when performed correctly, can be very rewarding.

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The art behind sales in social networks

Interacting with strangers on social networks can be a difficult task and motivated by anxiety. To overcome these challenges, sales professionals must be creative in establishing your professional brand and connect with prospects in social networks.

To achieve this, you must show your inner artistic.

Profile picture

All sales professionals must have a profile picture that is clear and professional, but that does not mean your only option is to choose a picture with an elegant suit. Quite the opposite: try a picture showing a more relaxed side of your life. It could be a photo of you enjoying your favorite hobby or a family event. Be sure not to hide your face and keep updated from one year to another photo.


Consider your biography as an opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential prospect. If you were that potential prospect, what would you like to know? While there are some things you should always include a description of your position and company, anything else you want to add up to you. You can include a description of the problems your business helps to solve, explain why you like working in the marketing area or even comment on one of your greatest virtues. Make sure the biography focuses on the buyer. This will help new prospects to analyze the value you could bring in a relationship.

Connect with the right people

There are many ways to promote creative connections with members of your audience. Begins connecting with prospects in different channels. This will help you gather additional context you need to guide them through the journey of the buyer. Do not be shy and connect with followers of your followers. The more you establish connections with people in your network you will generate greater trust with a prospect.

Another way to connect with prospects in social networks is to share relevant and useful content across your network. Share a post from your blog or a link to sign up for a webinar.

Now, what is the science that lies behind all this?

The science behind sales  in social networks

It is obvious that marketing on social networks is not as simple as sending a tweet or share a new update of LinkedIn, but requires more work. Is not only important to be creative, but also understand how to leverage the data and measure the success of your efforts.

There is a science to it.

Take stock of your followers

These are the actions you take a prospect to interact with you or your network online. The prospectus can perform these actions in different ways, either by joining your community, interacting with the content you share or mentioning your product, service, industry or company in a conversation.

If any of these actions occurs, it is very important that the sales professional to track these data with the correct action. Here are some examples: 

Action : the prospect joins your network.
Follow – up: thank him personally has joined and informabout the types of content can see your business on that network.  

Action : the prospect likes your publication. 
S OLLOW: tag that person in a forthcoming publication where you share similar content. 

Action : the prospectus says your publication .
S OLLOW: Give “like” or to bookmark your comment and answer him. Make a comment on a future publication on social networks that prospect. 

If you already use HubSpot, the tool of “social media monitoring” can help you make the data much more quickly, either  to create flows that track contacts, creating Twitter lists or following keyword phrases. You can begin to monitor mentions of your company, product or service, industry, competitors, among others, and thus see the conversations that take place in social networks. Once you’ve started to make connections and build relationships, you can also use the tool ” publication in social networks ” to monitor users in a contact list or Twitter. C ada shared on your social networks link has a unique tracking code that can be linked to a specific campaign and will appear under the “social networking” section in your report sources. There you can check your publications to learn what more interactions, clicks received, and what are the favorite of most of your audience members were. 

Measuring Success

The most effective way to measure the success of your efforts in social networks is avoiding vanity metrics like impressions, scope and number of followers. While all of these metrics can provide valuable information, marketing on social networks is only effective if it helps boost your sales process.

Take advantage of social networks to the fullest!

Note that having a sales strategy  using your social networks is not a panacea, and will not make your sales team see a sea change overnight. However, it will allow the current success of your team become unstoppable as they continue connecting with new prospects.