The 15 lifestyle apps that are (or will be) fashionable

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Want to track your packages with one swipe? Now you can. Do you have to divide a complicated account? It will no longer take 10 minutes to do.

The lifestyle apps continuously appear on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and at least try to make our life easier. 

Some of our favorites have been redesigned, but also has created a tremendous amount of new apps in no time.

Not all of these applications are available in Latin America but you share them to keep you abreast of trends.

Here are some of the best apps  in lifestyle  that have marked a before and after in my life, either offering a better organization, giving me useful advice or teach me something new.

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15 of the best mobile apps of lifestyle that must have

1. Get The Flight Out

Category: Travel

If you ever need to fly home for a family emergency or just want to be spontaneous, you’ll probably need to book a flight at the last minute. Get the Flight Out, affectionately nicknamed “GTFO” (which usually has a slightly more aggressive meaning), it lets you type the name of an airport and see the next available flights to destinations anywhere in the world. It’s a quick way to view and access all your options in one place.

So the app is once you connect with your city airport:

Mobile home screen app Get the Flight Out

And so a list of available flights to different cities is:

Flight list of mobile app Get the Flight Out

GTFO download for iOS or Hopper, the parent company app for Android .


Category: Productivity

Have you ever dreamed to ask your computer or mobile device to do something very, but very specific? For example, send an email when a new file in your Dropbox, or send a message with the local weather forecast every morning at 6.00.

I have good news: there is an app called “IFTTT” or “If This, Then That” (if … then …) with which you can create almost the command you can think of. In short, IFTTT allows you to set triggers for different events. For example, instead of spending a lot of time manually checking the news or your social networking accounts, you can be alerted to things that really matter.

The striking thing about this app is its simple configuration. The main screen guides you through the setup and lets you choose the first part of your statement, “If …” and then the second part, “then …”, or what happens when a trigger is triggered.

This is the statement “If …”:

Mobile App IFTTT

And this is the statement “then …”


IFTTT download for iOS or download IFTTT for Android .

3. Yahoo Weather

Category: Weather

There are hundreds of my time; iPhones even have a default time app. So, why you should take a moment to download Yahoo Time?

Yahoo Weather is one of my most beautiful design and easier to use than ever. It provides more information than typical weather apps, but understands the order in which the information will have more value to the user.

The app shows a beautiful image of the area (taken from Flickr) and provides hourly weather, the forecast for the week, a map, chances of precipitation, wind speed and pressure ratings, departure times and sunset sun, among other things. You can add more locations and then slide easily from one location to another. It is one of those apps that anyone can use without reading instructions.

Main screen Yahoo Weather app

Download Yahoo Weather iOS or download Yahoo Weather for Android .

4. Swarm

Category: Travel

Anyone who knows me knows I love to check in at different places on my phone. When Foursquare was divided into Foursquare Swarm and in 2014, at first I was scared. Then I realized that these two apps significantly improved my experience to record visits (SWARM) and explore new places (Foursquare).

Swarm is an app of “daily record” that lets you connect with family and friends and record the sites you visit regularly. While the user logs on Foursquare locations like him and his friends, Swarm gives you the opportunity to record visits in the types of sites that interest them.

For example, if I see my friends at the gym visits I recorded more times than I could calculate Swarm records in any physical activity center. It gives me the same information for restaurants and bars in general , rather than specific information about restaurants and bars where we always go. Warning: may increase the phenomenon known as FOMO (in English, “fear of missing out” or fear of missing something).

By launching Swarm 5.0 Swarm showed that continually improves on what we know about the typical routines of our friends. Here, I add my status updates and tagged friends

Mobile App Swarm

And here, I can see the profile of a friend with a map with all its records and trends based on the types of places that commonly visit:

Profile page app Swarm 5.0

Image Mark Krynsky

Swarm download for iOS or download Swarm Android .

5. Foursquare City Guide

Category: Food and drink

Foursquare no longer used for check in and share your location with friends. The new version of Foursquare was designed to help you explore new places in your current location.

Foursquare City Guide provides recommendations on places you do not know based on other users who you follow or topics that interest you. For example, if you specify that you like Thai food, Foursquare will always warns you when there is a Thai restaurant nearby.

Also, if you want to register a visit at one of the sites that you just met by Foursquare, you can access Swarm and you’ll have an integrated experience between the two apps.

Mobile App Foursquare City Guide
Image Beebom

Download Foursquare for iOS or download Foursquare for Android .

6. Divvy

Category: Food and drink

All that happened to us we are enjoying a rich dinner with friends and suddenly the bill arrives. All hush and want to know how much money you owe. At that time it can take over an accountant friend or you can use Divvy.

Divvy allows you to split an account using an image of it. You read that right: take a photo account with your phone and Divvy the breakdown for you. Are any of your friends shared an entry? No problem, you can easily separate dishes dragging items account to each person you select from your contact list. You can even add tax and tip.

So the app is when processing the image:


Once drag each element corresponding to the person, the end result looks like this:


Image iMore

Divvy download for iOS .

7. Slice

Category: Shopping

Every time I make an order online, I obsessed with tracking number to see when I receive it. If you ever made an online order, you know what I mean. Slice makes this much easier.

Slice is an app Rakuten seeking confirmations or codes to track your orders in your emails. Then, complete the details when you should expect your package when sent and when they were delivered. No need to write long tracking numbers, you just have to connect your emails and go.

So you see your list of pending orders:


And so the details of an individual order are:


Slice download for iOS or download Slice for Android .

8. Moovit

Category: Navigation

Let’s face it: public transport can be a convenient way to avoid driving and parking alternative, but not always work well. Often there are trains out of service, changes in programming or a bus line that always late, and this can turn your morning into a nightmare.

So there Moovit.

Moovit programming meets all trains, buses and subways that are close to you and shows you where they are and where they are going; even if there are delays in a particular route. It also shows you where they are on a map, how far are (in minutes) and how many stops would have to reach a certain destination.

Is there a faster way to get somewhere? Moovit can suggest it and show you where to go. The app adapts to the city where you are and continuously improved: it syncs with a new city every 15 hours.

This is what a user would see in Boston to follow a set of instructions:


And this is what he would see to verify programming a station:


Moovit download for iOS or download Moovit Android .

9. Outlook

Category: Productivity

I guess you did not expect to include this lifestyle app. When Microsoft acquired a small calendar app called Sunrise in 2015, gradually merged everything I wanted this tool with its own mail and calendar tool. You know what was the result? A new and improved version of Outlook .

Outlook is a Microsoft mobile app that combines an inbox with a calendar of beautiful design that helps you organize your schedule by mail that you send and receive. From the main calendar view, you can see when you have meetings, with whom you will meet (with beautiful and practical photographs of their faces), where meetings will be held and even who confirmed attendance.

It also offers icons for keywords that you normally use to describe the type of event you are planning, so you can easily know how to be your week at a glance.


Image of Casey Newton

Download Outlook for iOS or download Outlook for Android .

10. SwiftKey

Category: Utilities / Productivity

You’ve probably seen keyboards with touch screen where you can drag your finger from one key to another to form each word, instead of touching the letters individually. Combine this with a dose of artificial intelligence (AI) resulted SwiftKey.

SwiftKey offers keyboards that can touch or swipe identifying your speech and I suggest the next word. Believe it or not, help you write a lot less. You’d be surprised to see what the app features: for example, if you often write “Carla” and “Sofia”, eventually will suggest the word “Sophia” after write “Carla and”.


Image of Allyson Kazmucha

SwiftKey download for iOS or download SwiftKey for Androi d .

11. Snapguide

Category: Lifestyle

Snapguide is similar to Pinterest, but includes step by step instructions for each item. Basically, it allows you to explore anything you want to learn to do yourself. It could be a new recipe, home decorations, crafts or even new games or tricks.


Once you click on a category, the mobile app provides you with instruction manuals for that particular category. You choose what you want to learn to do and you slip between the step by step instructions that show large images on completing the project.


Snapguide download for iOS .

12. Splitwise

Category: Finance

Do you share expenses with someone? It could be a roommate or friends with whom you left a weekend trip. It can be difficult to keep track of who paid what and who owes whom. Discover Splitwise.

This app lets you keep track of all the expenses that you share with others. All you have to do is type the name of spending, the dollar amount, how much did you pay compared to your friends, and then categorize expenses. Splitwise automatically calculates who owes what to whom after each person records his expense.

So it could be your homepage:


And so it could be a story or “novelty” of what you and someone else paid and due to each:


Splitwise download for iOS or download Splitwise Android .

13. Edison Assistant

Category: Productivity

Edison Assistant is a management app like Outlook tasks, allowing you to schedule meetings, check your calendar and even instructions on how to get to meetings on your calendar. You probably know by its original name: EasilyDo.

One of the great features of this app is that it sends alerts you if you have duplicate contacts on your phone and helps you desduplicarlos so you have updated your information. You can even take your email information about package deliveries flight itineraries.

The best of this app is how it makes important information intelligently from other apps on your device to ensure you’re as organized as possible.


Edison download for iOS or download EasilyDo (soon to be Edison) for Android .

14. AnyList

Category: Productivity

AnyList is ideal for those who cook a lot and want to coordinate their grocery lists with other people app. You can share grocery lists with other people who are using the app to tell what items you chose to take home.

In the app, you can store your favorite recipes and include images of meals, the ingredients you need to develop them and the notes you want to remember. The best part is that you can quickly add the ingredients in any recipe to your grocery list simply by touching a button. Once you add a recipe to your app, add the ingredients is a cinch.

Wait, there’s more. You note that I like, right? When you find yourself in the list of main app supermarket, AnyList organizes the items that you buy into categories depending on where they are in the supermarket. Categories include bakery, beverage, dairy, delicatessen, frozen foods, cereals, pasta and side dishes, cleaning products, fruits and vegetables, snacks, and more.

This makes it easy to browse the store, select items from the list and see in real time what you buy and your roommates.


Image TechSolvers

AnyList download for iOS .

15. Venmo

Category: Finance

Once I was in a restaurant with a friend who did not know Venmo. When splitting the bill, he noticed he had no money and said, “I wish there was a way to send money by post”. Well, basically, that’s what makes Venmo.

Venmo allows you to transfer money to your friends quickly, easily and safely. Just connect your bank account to the app or transfer money to an account of Venmo, and you can send and receive money in a few steps.

I know what you’re thinking: PayPal does not do that? If you’re right. There are other similar apps, but Venmo became increasingly popular because it is very easy to use and because it has a main screen where you can easily track expenses.


Venmo download for iOS or download Venmo for Android .

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