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I would assume you get hundreds of emails in your inbox every day. Coupon promotions, sites offering daily specials, newsletters, messages to reset the password, mail tracking sales opportunities, notifications from social networks, invitations to parties of friends and maybe even a couple of emails from your mother . There are many things you have to consider and they never actually you do open.

So what is it that makes you take an extra step to  actually  open an email? Often it is the subject line. After all, it is the first impression you get the email and judge her email content.

I always wonder something before opening an email: will open a waste of time? Usually, the answer to this question is based entirely on the effectiveness of the subject line. Certainly there are other elements of an email that made me want to open it; known sender name and subject line, which actually is the determining factor.

No matter if you’re a marketing professional email () or just someone who sends mail on behalf of your company, do not want to be the person who ignore or eliminate their email inboxes of your subscribers. You have to make sure your subject lines of emails are excellent. What better way to learn to do that by examining some of the best examples of subject lines?

Check out the following subject lines that we love. 

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13 great examples of subject lines that inspire you

1) Groupon:Best of Groupon: offers that make us proud (unlike our nephew, Steve)”

It is difficult to have mood in your marketing (in English), but Groupon is one of those brands that seem to do again and again. (Remember your  video when you cancelabas your subscription  [English]) 

This subject line is no exception. The joke “(unlike our nephew Steve)” really made me laugh out loud. Why? It is totally unexpected. The first part of the subject line seems a typical issue that sends Groupon, which include a new offer. The content in brackets is not, so that makes this a beautiful joia you’ll find your inbox. 

2) Rent the Runway: “Happy Birthday, Laura! – In here there’s a surprise for you “

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of personalized marketing (in English). It can be incredibly effective, especially when it comes to email marketing. According to the report  Science of email marketing in 2014 (in English), emails that included the first recipient ‘s name in the subject line, had a higher CTR amount of mail that did not.

This example shows that statistic in action: they sent me the email a few days before my birthday, and mentioned my name. 

But that’s not all that makes this subject line. It also suggests that there will be an incentive to open the email: In here there’s a surprise for you. This subject line does a great job as the email content is clear without saying what the surprise.

3) Manicube “* Do not open this email *»

Have you ever been told you not to do something? When they ask that you refrain from doing something, this may have the opposite effect; now you want to do more eagerly.

That’s the strategy behind the subject line of Manicube. It is a simple but effective way to make people are curious enough to open your email. (Just make sure the contents of your mail contains something worthy of the subject line). 

4) Refinery29:Guide a girl banking broken to have a luxury holiday»

People love to identify with the situations. Sometimes this happens with the company for which they work. At other times, it is the color of your hair or the way they dress. Maybe it’s the music they listen to. Regardless of the way you like empathize with others, it is a very important concept that we know (and use in our marketing). 

You can see this in action in the subject line that you mentioned in this example. The word “bankruptcy” is the identifier; people looking for cheap vacation tips to see that word and immediately want to click because they feel that the subject line written for them.

The best of this email marketing strategy is not you exclude people who do not identify with that element. If you are segmenting your email list properly (in English), everyone in that segment should already have been identified that description. 

5) Zillow: “Why do you reach?”

Imagine that you get the subject line of your email from a website showing apartments for rent. Is exciting and encouraging ( “Here there are plenty of apartments suitable for your quote Great.!”), But also somewhat competitive; Compare your budget with what the market offers. Would you do click the subject line? I certainly would.

Playing with the psychological emotions is key to getting people to open your emails something. You do not have to be a psychologist to know how to take advantage of those emotions. Immerse yourself in  this Unbounce ebook (in English); While talking about landing pages, the same principles can be applied to the subject lines of emails. Principles such as urgency, scarcity and social proof are excellent ways to increase your conversion rates.

6) DocuSign: “What our clients say?”

This subject line in an email sent in the final stage of tracking sales opportunities. The message body contained  a lot of case studies (in English) for the purpose of helping the recipient to move closer to making a purchase of DocuSign.

This is another example that was present ‘in the right place at the right time. ” When someone comes down the sales funnel, they are much more receptive to hear the testimonies of other clients; in fact, they might even estarlos looking . While being smart or clever can make you notice in inboxes, something cold and little relevance can achieve just someone to open your email.

7) Boston Eater “places to drink beer at this time”

The subject line came into my email inbox at the right time: at 6:45 on a Wednesday night. Absolutely great. 

Think about it: just finished a work day and want to relax with a couple of mates after work. Just when you say you can already go, you get a notification on your phone that says “places to drink beer at this time.” The perfect synchronicity makes this subject line is something you do inevitably click.

For your emails, think about how the right time will have an effect on how people perceive your emails. Even if you send an email in one hour than peak, you could get more interaction with your email, but only if you have the correct subject line.

8) Ticketmaster:Read your review for John Mulaney”

It’s natural to feel proud of something you believe; either a cake, a hundred-page ebook or a review you wrote about a show last week. Ticketmaster knew, so he attended this trend in the subject line of this example.

A friend of mine saw the show of comedian John Mulaney live and left a critical Ticketmaster. To come back to the site, Ticketmaster sent him a subject line; perhaps to promote their criticism or to buy tickets for another show.

Who does not want to see his own criticism after it published? Perhaps that person will want to check other reviews to see if someone answered or if your name appears on the website. I dedicate to blogging and still excites me to see my name as a signature of a comment. Remember, we all have an ego; aprovechadlo to have a big impact on your open rates and interaction.

9) JetBlue: “You’re losing points.”

Have you ever heard of “FOMO”? It is the acronym for “fear of missing something.” It is something of great importance (in English), especially for the hyper -connected society today.

It is also an effective marketing strategy that you can use to interact with your subscribers by email. This line of business JetBlue does not give you grief you know what you’re missing. But of course most people do not want to miss things; especially if those things could save them money or time in the future. While JetBlue points are not the most valuable thing you can lose is worth opening an email to find out what the deal is.

So think of the value proposition that will send email before writing. Is there something unique that you could offer to help them save time, money or effort people? Try to use the model JetBlue subject line and let them know your subscribers what they are missing.

10) BuzzFeed: “Do not it, boys”

I’ve said it before and I repeat:  I love BuzzFeed (in English). I think your staff have some of the best writers in the world, among which includes a staff of exceptional email marketing. I subscribed to daily emails from BuzzFeed week after week and win the prize for best subject line in my inbox. 

While there are some subject lines Buzzfeed that are not my favorite, the combination of subject lines and text preview it is what makes these dynamic duo. The issues are friendly, colloquialisms and, above all, snide.

Here is the text that was after the subject line of this example: “Ok, Who let the passive-aggressive note stuck in my fridge? Really, who does that? Colloquial and sarcastic tone that attracts me again and again; text preview is what puts the cherry on the cake for me. 

Not all are equipped to be comic writers, but most email platforms allow easily edit text preview. How can you use that little extra space to delight your customers (and probably improve your email statistics)? Maybe you could use the subject line as a question and preview text as the answer. Or maybe you can be a dialogue: the subject line is a person and preview text is another.

You’ve caught me, using that space, you have more opportunities to attract new subscribers.

11) Thrillist: “Do not commit these atrocities in Instagram”

No matter how humble people are, most do not like to make mistakes, so why not use this natural human tendency in a subject line for your emails? Thrillist does in the subject line of this example, where the language makes highlight and more vibrant by adding the “NO”

Instead of displaying the letters of the first word as a conventional sentence (upper-lower case), Thrillist causes the two caps are to add an additional effect. That way, you’ll notice the subject line in the inbox and not be able to resist clicking on it. 

Think about how negative in your marketing can be a good thing. Most people have anxiety just thinking about looking foolish or dull, so find out how you can use those emotions in your subject lines. And of course it is also important to support this line of business with an encouraging and useful content, so that in this way not only’re raving over all your text.

Being negative can draw attention to your subscribers; this subject line definitely captured mine.

12) Buffer:Buffer has been hacked – this is what is happening ‘

The following is a Buffer subject line. Some time ago  hackearon Buffer (English); the worst nightmare of all technology companies. But Buffer resolved this exceptionally well; especially through their emails.

What I admire about this subject line is concise and direct. In a crisis you should not use puns. People want to see that you are not only taking the situation as serious, you also need you to secure them that the world will not end.

By the way in which they drafted the subject line and format, you feel that buffer is calm and serene on the issue and taking into account your personal safety. That’s very difficult to do with a few words. 

13) DiningIn: “!”

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, punctuation marks are worthy of at least 500 of them; perhaps more in the case of DiningIn.

For your target audience knowledgeable people on mobile devices, the subject line with exclamation points is better than a full subject line of best practices. Why? Your audience is familiar with messaging apps, which is in common use punctuation instead of words. Exclamation points indicate how excited you are the sender without having to speak directly. 

This is just a great example of how you can get to know your audience and go to it using their language; even if that language does not include words.

Tell us what you like subject lines to you.