The 10 types of visual content that you must include in your Social Media strategies (+ the tools to create them and the best tricks of the experts)

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  • Invite your followers to share images with your products or services  , or anything related to them  . You will generate a lot more interaction!
  • Creates a publishing schedule like this you can see online here  and defined in advance when going to publish on each network. It’s the best way to know that your visual content will be present!
  • It shows people what’s behind your business How about a photo of the office to see that there are people “flesh and blood” – This generates engagement and trust the same time. Zara does very well on LinkedIn:


  • Choose colors and types of images that visually represent your brand and use them on social networks.
  • Schedule your posts to save time . With Postcron you can program simultaneously all your posts for multiple networks: Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Instagram and Pinterest . Look at how to do it ! You save time that you can use to create new visual content for your strategy.
  • Use the proper size for your content on social networks . He thinks that each network has its own measures so adjust your content to them and see how your numbers increase.

Wow! And good? You have leftovers to start, do not you think?😉

Now you know everything you need to revolutionize your business with the visual content using good strategies for social networks , so get to work and get ready to succeed. Because certainly, if you follow these tips, you will succeed.

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