Technological Marketing: Inbound applied to SAAS businesses in 4 phases

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Implement a strategy Inbound Marketing means directing your business towards increased visits to your internet ecosystem and develop actions in order to convert them into customers. Companies SAAS or Software As A Service , have an important business opportunity with this methodology moves away from traditional marketing. 

The strategy for companies marketing SAAS technology consists of different phases in which acquisition and retention of customers have an important weight . You must optimize your strategies to increase your conversions by attracting potential customers through the funnel purchase or conversion funnel. This term is equivalent to a process of attracting online customers setting phases and, around them, fixing certain strategies in order to reach the objectives.

Want to know how to shoot your conversions or sales through Inbound Marketing?

4 phases of technology applied to marketing SAAS

For more traffic to your website and generate more database qualified to be able to impact, you must first understand each of the phases that you raise. It is essential to know exactly how your work funnel conversion to achieve optimize and increase your customer base every day.

1. Visibility and Positioning online

Part of visibility is the most important. You must work the online positioning to facilitate the search to a potential client who is requesting information about your product. This stage is essential: you must be there when your customers require. 

To contribute to a good position you must have a good marketing strategy and a good technological content plan supported by keywords or keywords that are relevant to your Buyer Person, who is none other than your target audience. An analysis of what their behavior in the buying process in order to offer quality content and attract him to the conversion stage.

In a strategy technology marketing should be based on quality in order to get qualified leads, which in your case correspond to the contact of a person or company that you know, tactics previously developed technology marketing, which is interested in your software .

Ultimately, it comes to delivering content to arouse the interest of your target and that this start their way to the next phase of product testing.

2. Test Product

Sometimes the best incentive to buy your product is to facilitate the test or demo of it. You must target your strategies around the goal of obtaining quality of your leads . But how do you verify quality?

The best tactic is to establish a good form to become oriented to your Buyer Person and both will contribute valuable data. It is essential that in this form the user can access a free demo of the product. You should ask what their data as company, in which sector work or would like to receive information about your product. It is set profiles interested in your software so that at the end you sell your service.

The form should reside on a Landing Page or landing page, in which you find a CTA or call to action ” request a demo ” that stand out and make inevitable for your user to click.

Another fundamental form is never include distractions such as buttons to social networks, related offers or any other content that may distract the user from your main objective, which is the collection of data to impact you with relevant content and guide to buying later.

In this type of strategy technology marketing, it is normal that some email or phone number of invalid leakage. A good tactic is to employ not pass confirmation emails and discard such data. 

3. Product Activation

In the activation phase you must already have a list of potential customers interested in your product because they have previously requested a demo. Is the time to strike with Email Marketing . Leverages data from these users to send content of interest to facilitate their buying process and encourage the customer to decide on your product. At this stage of activation you help your username and persuade him to buy the product .

A good tactic for this phase is to send instructions to the demo version or eBook with benefits apotaría them in their day to day buying your product .

4 . Payment plan

You’ve reached stage four, do count. You have active user accounts with subscribers and increase your views. And if you send a satisfaction survey of demo of your software? Its outcome will also provide the keys to the perfect deal, a product tailored completely to what they need.

Phase payment plan is consolidating and evaluates earlier. This is where checks have actually worked or not, as you approach the litmus test closure for sale.

How to strengthen and promote this phase? One of the tactics and actions that have the result checked is sent to your database an email with the advantages that the payment plan or premium will provide them with a strong emphasis on the price is not a barrier, because it pays off . You should take the basis of qualified data and complement them with calls from your call center that will drive the user to purchase.

If you complete all these steps, you’ve optimized your strategy marketing technology and will have a clear impact on your sales. You must remember that always have to be improving and optimizing each phase. See where leaks, gives the why and find a solution to continue to increase leads and conversions to boost sales of your business SAAS .

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