Technological evolution, pyramid of influence and trends for 2018: check out InterNey interview at Studio RD Summit

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Edney Souza, or for friends, ScienceBlogs is one of the professionals who understand the internet logic longer. So much so that his career is intertwined with the history of the Internet in Brazil.

In his interview Studio RD Summit, he shared some of the learned about changes in consumer behavior in all that time.

I hear a lot of customers who say the phrase thus: ‘I have been working for over 10, 15, 20 years with my audience and know him.’ Well, I have bad news for you: every five years, with current technology, their public behavior changes almost whole.

For him, the influence of marketing is a good strategy for companies because they can work with different influencers, the most popular to most experts, along the buying journey .

And with so much information about technology, it is also easy to point ScienceBlogs trends Digital Marketing and Content Marketing . According to him, podcasts and communities are news in that it is worth investing in 2018.

In the video, watch the full interview done with Edney ScienceBlogs at Studio RD Summit:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points were commented by ScienceBlogs:

  • As consumer behavior has changed in recent years;
  • new opportunities in media that are relatively old;
  • Working with influencers, relating them to the sales funnel;
  • Digital Marketing trends for 2018.

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