Support area: find out if this is the right area for you and learn how to prepare for a selection process

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When working in technical support Digital results, I began to reflect on how the Support area is one of the most important company. This is because to help our customers as best we can, we must have strategic knowledge and analytical view on all platform modules.

Whenever a customer has a question or needs assistance in issues – ranging from the most basic settings of the RD Station Marketing to personalized questions – the first contact he has with the company in this sector, so simple and complex at the same time .

I was thinking of all this that I decided to write this article, aimed at people who, like me, love to help, learn, teach, and who want to develop in the Support area. If you identify with these characteristics, by the way, no doubt already have the main requirements to win a place in the Support area!

I have never worked in the area: how to present me?

One of the first challenges – and one of the most important parts – to get a job in the Support area is the development of the curriculum. Thinking about it, I prepared some tips that will help you stand out and win the first opportunity.

1. Research the company for which to send your resume

This point is the starting point to boost your chances of winning that seat as desired. You can start researching the activities of the company, its mission and values.

This knowledge is a big difference and will show recruiters that you prepare for the selection process, thus demonstrating a greater interest and engagement. This is also a great way for you to check if, in fact, want to work in this company.

2. Prepare a presentation

To present you can prepare a presentation email. The most important in the email is to indicate what you’re looking clearly and with a good structure.

Among his personal characteristics you can highlight: be disciplined, responsible and who likes to interact with people , after all, working with support means to deliver good results for customers. No doubt these are skills that will bring you success!

See an example of presentation of email:

presentation to support area

The selection of Digital process results use an application form where you are asked to speak briefly about their experiences and / or show why you are interested in the job for which you are applying. You can seize this moment to show your differential.πŸ™‚

3. Describe your knowledge

Even if you have never worked in the support area, pass on what you know about the area can help. You can talk about a hobby that has to do with it, such as participation in forums or any activity that involves care – relationship with people and / or problem solving.

Explore your knowledge and experience, what you can do highlighting its results and learnings. It is important also as an example can work under pressure and how it can add value to the team.

Another idea is to explain how you use the internet to learn and / or teach, and show how to understand a product or service without the need for formal training.

Show that it is self-taught and who likes to help others will only increase your chances of winning an opportunity in the area.

4. Show empathy

This is one of the most important features that recruiters seek in people who want to work to support: the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

You can not help someone find a solution without understanding what the problem is and how it is affecting someone else.

If invited to participate in other stages of the selection process as tests or interviews, seek to clarify that has this ability.


5. Have good communication

The way you communicate, either by writing or speaking, should be clear and objective. Be teaching is what will make your message to be effective. For this, the receiver must understand it easily.

Show a good language and communication are vital in ensuring its success, but it is also important to remember that having good communication not mean filling your details curriculum. You must select which are the necessary information you want to pass the recruiter!

By following these tips, your chances of winning his first job in the Support area will only increase!

I already have experience in the field. And now?

If you already have experience in the field, as well as pay attention to the previous tips, it is important to highlight the experiences of tools and techniques that got languages, as well as specify the knowledge and practices that you purchased on care and dealing with customers.

You should also highlight their participation in projects, systems deployments, from the most basic to the most detailed applications. Such knowledge will become the most attractive and focused curriculum in the area of ​​interest.

It is also necessary that you have some care in time of preparing your resume. These tips will help:

1. Do not overdo the amount of information

Put a lot of information about you and your past work is not ideal. Summarize your professional life, include only the most important passages and are more aligned with your goal.

You can keep your resume only experiences with the area and can help win a new opportunity.

An action that can help is to focus on keywords, such as technical support, customer service, computer maintenance, programming, among others. This practice can help determine the relevancy of your profile in search engines, LinkedIn and also provide emphasis in the mining process resumes.

2. Expose only the most relevant certifications to the desired job

As well as experiences, well presented certifications can also impact greatly.

That certified black belt in karate you won or that course of making Easter eggs may not be as relevant at that time.

Highlight only the certifications / more relevant courses for Support vacancy for which you are applying. This brings objectivity to your resume and a chance for you to be selected for the position will be higher.

3. Be truthful in the preparation of your resume

Do not put, for example, that his English is advanced if it is just basic, always be sincere to expose what function exercised in previous jobs and detailing their experiences.

Put a post up or functions that you did not will not benefit you. Imagine if the question or ask for you to do a test on something that you have no knowledge?

It is best to always be honest and show how much you like to learn πŸ™‚

By following these tips, no doubt the chances of you winning one seat in the Support area you crave so much will be even greater!

If you have any tips to add, comment on post. New knowledge is always welcome!

Do not forget to keep your updated Linkedin and follow the waves of Digital Results to see if it comes up that opportunity you look for in our Support team!