Studio RD Summit: the interviews we’ve done with specialists and that will transform your business

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In RD Summit 2017 we did something we had not experienced in relation to event coverage.

We set up a video studio amid trade fair (we affectionately call the aquarium) to which we invited some of the speakers to chat. The place was named officially Studio RD Summit.

Altogether, we talked to 40 professionals from various fields and countries.

These conversations were extremely enriching.

We question, we talk about challenges, about successes and failures on paths and the future to bring you new insights and lots of inspiration.

We collect lots of tips and ideas on Digital Marketing , Sales, Customer Success, management, business, personal development and other matters.

But what we have done with all this stuff?

We created the Studio RD Summit series. There are 40 interviews and 20 hours of video content that we will share with you!

studio rd summit

Every Tuesday, we will post here on the blog and on our YouTube channel with new videos these professionals talking about ideas, strategies and tips for your business.

Check out what each one of the experts told us chats.

PS: All the videos are subtitled in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English 😉

Lincoln Murphy: What is the importance of having a Customer Success area?

Pope’s Customer Success , Lincoln Murphy talks about the importance of after-sales, on the reasons why the customer area of success has been increasing in recent years and which has become the core of many businesses.

Mark Piangers: The technological revolution

Marcos Piangers, innovation expert, talks about the technological revolution, characteristics of modern companies like Uber and WhatsApp , and what they want for the next elections.

Eric Santos: Tips for your business does not stop growing

In his interview for the RD Summit 2017, Eric Santos shared valuable tips to keep your business growing and generating results.

In addition, he spent his vision of the future for the Digital Results and for the Brazilian market, indicating that the changes introduced by the company will have a high impact on the country’s businesses, and also talked a bit about the RD Summit, an event that started with 300 participants and in 2017 reached a staggering 8,000.

Is a must, check!

Camila Port: Creating Ad impossible to ignore on Facebook

The expert in marketing on Facebook, Camila Porto, brought to RD Summit some advice for businesses be more successful in their campaigns Facebook Ads . Watch!

Ouali Benmeziane: Learnings of events worldwide market

We talked to Ouali Benmeziane about the difficulties and challenges faced by one of the largest Digital Marketing event companies in the world, WebCongress .

Paul Iudicibus: How to Make Customer Success a culture of every company

Paul Iudicibus, VP of Salesforce, comments on the era of “customer focus” and how to translate that feeling to its employees.

Marcio Bee: Facebook for business and plans for the future of the network

Márcio Bee, Facebook representative of Brazil, talks to Andrew Smith on what was the path taken by the company in the process of transforming a social network in a marketing platform, talks about the evolution of the mobile and gives tips for small businesses.

Ana Tex: How to use Instagram and WhatsApp for your business

Ana Tex gives tips on how various types of business can use Instagram, Instagram and WhatsApp Stories in their digital marketing strategies to increase sales and work better branding .

Edney Souza: Technological evolution, pyramid of influence and gamification

As technology changed people’s behavior? Who are the microinfluenciadores? What is the pyramid of influence? Podcast is the future? All this and more in the interview with ScienceBlogs at Studio RD Summit 2017.

Fabio Ricotta: The future of voice devices

According to Fabio Ricotta, voice assistants added to the intelligence of chatbots, are the future of communication.

André Kassu: What adjustments needed for an agency survive?

The agency’s partner CP + B Brazil spoke about the identity crisis that advertising agencies live and on the fundamental changes in thinking that need to occur.

Fabio Prado: Tips on how to create a killer ad

Specialist paid media techniques, Fabio Prado gives tips on how you can optimize your ads and the main trends in this area for 2018.

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