SEO tips for WordPress sites

Today we released a new guest post 🙂 Lorena Buthet , Degree in Social Communication and passionate about the tools for generating content online, brings us a post about techniques WordPress . Their tips Do not miss!


Currently, SMEs are taking full extent of the opportunities that brings them both to generate the digital world branding to increase the volume of their sales .  Having a customers , as it offers various possibilities of design and functionality, mainly because it is easy to self – manage variable much needed.

According to a Pew Internet study, 92% of users access to information through search engines , underscoring a objectives .

SEO tips wordpress
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Not to neglect the enormous amount of potential visitors / customers from Google, we recommend some actions that can help improve the ranking of sites designed for WordPress: 

1- Send the URL and sitemap to Google.

This will help the main search engine to index, classify and improve tracking within results, know the structure of the site and consider updates. Useful to generate a sitemap WordPress plugin Google XML Sitemaps . Among its benefits are simplicity when set and intuitive control panel.  Another most complete plugin is WordPress SEO ByYoas , which besides creating a sitemap lets you place keywords on pages, among other advantages.

To send the URL and enter sitemap webmaster tools .

2- generates content optimized for mobile.

As of April 21, 2015, Google began to penalize sites that are unprepared for mobile decreasing their ranking in relation to those who are. While Google does not directly mention Responsive design, choose a template Responsive WordPress will save time and generate more traffic.   

3- Include in your somewhere a blog in which up creative and original information.

Create notes with lots of information, well written, using keywords and creating internal links will help not only to providing content of value to users but also to improve search engine rankings.

4- Send the site to relevant directories and attempts to acquire links from external sites.

A directory that you can submit your URL is   web pages . It is one of the most important worldwide and can provide an extra link quality.

Finally, remember that Google and WordPress get along and this is another important advantage. With proper strategy and good practices appear at the top of search engines is a goal that can be achieved.

Author : Lorena Buthet