SEO Tip # 8: Fix 404 Errors and Broken Links

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Error 404 Not Found.

Probably you have accessed a page and found this phrase in place of the content.

This error occurs whenever a user tries to access a non-existent URL within a domain.

In addition to harming the usability of the site, with links 404 often have some authority who just lost, damaging also the standpoint of SEO .

With the correct redirects, that authority and the user are sent to the most relevant page.

Since you only discover many 404 errors after a few instances, a good idea is to have a 404 error page custom, which generates value . That way you keep the user within your site’s environment and still have the opportunity to generate more Leads .

How to fix?

In WordPress , you can automatically identify them through the plugin Broken Link Checker . Other sites can use online tools such as Dead Link Checker .

If the link is internal, replace it with the correct and do the 301 redirect the wrong link. If external, replace it with a valid external link.

You can also find links to 404 in Google Search Console . Within the Search Analytics, go to “Trace” and then “Crawl Errors”, download the spreadsheet report and redirect one by one to the most relevant page on the subject.

Often it occurs without an exchange of redirection links then can direct you to the correct page, to a page very similar or even to the category that fits. Remember not redirect all links to the home page.

In WordPress there are several plugins that help make this 301 redirect like Redirection .

You can also redirect using PHP, ASP, .htaccess, Coldfusion and Ruby on Rails. Read more about this in the post of Master Agency .

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