SEO Tip # 4: Register your site in Bing Webmasters and submit the sitemap

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According to the site StatCounter , which specializes in research Market Share, Google currently has nearly 92% share of the search market worldwide.

In Brazil, the area is even higher, rising to 96.7%, remaining one bit bigger share of 3%, which is disputed by Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines.

stat counter - searchers used in Brazil

Due to the low adherence of other search engines by users of the Professional Digital Marketing basically look only to Google, failing to take advantage of some opportunities, such as Bing Webmaster Tools, for example.

The tool for Bing Webmaster features rich analytics reports SEO for optimizations and improvements on the site. In addition, the registration and submission of sitemap facilitates indexing of pages in the search engine.

What is Bing Webmaster Tools

Inspired by the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), Microsoft’s browser also created their tool for webmasters: the Bing Webmaster Tools .


To encourage adherence tool, the Bing team opted for a seemingly more robust tool with more features than the Webmaster as a tool keyword search and a great SEO diagnostic tool.

Bing also offers a coupon of $ 150 for users who cadastrarem the site in your tool for webmasters, another way to encourage their use, in addition to encouraging the ads in the search engine.

How to register your site in Bing Webmaster Tools

The process to register on Bing Webmaster tool is very similar to Google Search Console. Check step by step:


  • 1. Access the Bing Webmaster Tools site and create an account (if you already have a Microsoft account, it can be used);


  • 2. When accessing the home screen of the tool, enter the URL of your website in the “My Sites”, just as it appears in the browser. Eg ;


  • 3. On the next screen, you complete the registration of the site by sending a sitemap ( learn how to generate a sitemap here ), including your data and setting the frequency and the data you’d like to receive by email, and how often;


  • 4. Finally, you need to verify site ownership. Bing offers three options for this step: insert an XML file on the server, insert a meta tag in the site code (most common form) or add a CNAME record to the DNS.

Ready! Now you can track the results of your site in Microsoft’s browser and follow detailed reports site optimization to promote improvements, as well as leverage the organic results on Bing, will have a positive impact on Google.

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