SEO Tip # 24: Remove bad links to your site (also known as toxic links) with the Disavow Links tool

After all, has SEO died or not died?
Website speed on mobile devices will be a ranking factor for Google

Receive links from directories, low quality sites or making practices black hat , for example, can make your site lose relevance and to receive a punishment of Google, damaging its strategy SEO .

This can generate from a positioning drop to a search engine ban, depending on the amount of bad links.

This “complaint” can be done by the sites that get the bad links, including automatic linking, even for companies that want to take down the site of competitors.

But how to find harmful links on your website?

There are some tools on the market that can assist in this work. We will mention here two of them, the Open Site Explorer and SEMRush :

In the Open Site Explorer you can use to identify sites with high levels of SPAM that are generating links to your.

SEMRush you can check the tool links report. To do this, generate a .txt file (Notepad) with the links you want to remove.

For example:

# domains



# urls

Then send the file to the Google disavow links via Search Console, here . It takes very careful and only remove sites that fit the above description.

If you know what this link is about, you know the owner of the site that is generating it or even you yourself which included it in some directory, just ask (or make) its removal .

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