SEO Tip # 19: Test and validate titles and descriptions using AdWords

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A good job of SEO goes beyond technical factors.

There are many criteria that we could say that are indirect, but which have great importance for optimizing websites.

Among these numerous factors, a very important is the click through rate (CTR) of your link in the search results. It is a criterion for Google ranking and can be impacted by several factors, such as positioning, brand authority on the subject, rich snippets and relevance and persuasion in the title and description.

And that’s why, in addition to optimizing your pages using the keyword in the title and meta description to have more relevance, is also important to perfect the speech, creating phrases that might influence the user to click on your link.

However, leave to test the efficiency of your text only in the title and description of the result itself may take much longer for you to reach some conclusion. Another problem is that you can not compare many variables at the same time or very often.

Using Google AdWords for SEO

If you already use Google AdWords , you can develop campaigns and ad groups thinking in these tests. Create some ad templates already having in mind the possibility of replicating them in organic search later. Run ads for a few weeks to test them , or use ad keywords that have a great CTR as a base.

Another tip is to search terms that advertisers in its class are using the ads, because most are already optimized for more clicks and strategic use words to get them.

Remember that when you create a campaign in AdWords, you can set it to Google prioritize ads that receive more clicks. Thus, with the campaign running in a short period, you can know what the best ad for clicks.

To learn how to develop ad campaigns in AdWords, see our post How to create a good ad on Google AdWords .

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