SEO Tip # 16: Explore the semantics in content

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One of the basic actions of keyword for better performance.

But there are other factors that help Google understand the context of their content and even to rank your site for terms where the content is not optimized.

An example is search on Google for i’m sorry Dave . Wikipedia and IMDB are among the first results in the page about the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey , but the pages are not optimized for this.

This is because the page content is fully optimized for the film and artificial intelligence Google know that when you do that search actually is looking for this film.

Another reason to use the semantic content in production is that it becomes easier for Google to understand exactly about what you’re talking about.

If you’re doing an article on Neymar, sure Google knows who you’re talking about.

But if it is about Ronaldo, which one is it?

If the text that was exploring the 9 shirt of the Brazilian team, was part of the Galactic of Real Madrid and is known as a phenomenon, both you and Google already know who the article says.

semantic hint - phenomenon

How to make?

Identifying other words in the search keywords that can compose content, including related searches made by Google, avoiding the repetition of terms and including synonyms over content.

To learn more read the post: What is semantic search and how to use it in the production of content?

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