SEO Tip # 13: Make Content Better Than Your Competitor

8 tips to make your content more scannable
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If your competitors have already published content, it means that are already-ranked by Google.

So, your content needs to be better if you want to stay in top positions to them.

If your content is not better I hardly goes well the page to rank for the keyword chosen.

The CEO of Moz, Rand Fishkin, advises making a content 10 times better than that of competitors . You can check out the full video below:

How to do this?

When searching on Google for the keyword, evaluate the first results, which are usually the best quality content on the subject. Analyze the text length (number of words) and the amount of times the focus keyword and its variations are used.

Also, pay attention to the questions answered content, compliments and questions readers in the comments and the media used the material to make sure that your content will be better.

Think about how you can make that even more complete material, understandable and attractive to the user.

A tip is also present certain content from a perspective or differently (think outside the box). An example SEO , but created a periodic table from them.

Periodic table seo

You can also access the complete document that is cited by Rand in the video and follow more than 60 items that are content 10 times better.

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